TV Series


A provocative drama that explores a marriage that has grown stagnant, "Satisfaction" follows investment banker Neil Truman through the accidental discovery of his wife’s involvement with a male escort. When Neil gains ...

Year started: 2014
Stars: Matt Passmore  Stephanie Szostak  Michelle DeShon 
Creators: Tim McAuliffe 
IMDB rating: 7.5

The Legend of Korra

Avatar Korra fights to keep Republic City safe from the evil forces of both the physical and spiritual worlds.

Year started: 2012
Stars: Janet Varney  Dee Bradley Baker  Jeff Bennett 
Creators: Michael Dante DiMartino  Bryan Konietzko 
IMDB rating: 8.6


Daniel Holden must put his life back together after serving 19 years on Georgia's Death Row before DNA evidence calls his conviction into question.

Year started: 2013
Stars: Sean Bridgers   Adelaide Clemens  Abigale Corrigan 
Creators: Ray McKinnon 
IMDB rating: 7.6


The series is set in the near future, where aliens known collectively as Votans have come to Earth seeking a new home after their solar system was destroyed. However, when they reached Earth, they discovered despite a pr...

Year started: 2013
Stars: Dewshane Williams  Julie Benz  Grant Bowler 
IMDB rating: 8.88


Dr. William Rush is not your average on-call doctor. He's not attached to any hospital, he's highly discreet no matter what the ailment as long as the client can pay his cash-only premium ...

Year started: 2014
Stars: Teach Grant  Billy Lush  Danyella Angel 
IMDB rating: 6.9


Married is a half hour comedy about being miserably in love. Russ and Lina Bowman can barely remember what was like before kids, debt, and suburbia rained on their romance -- but every once in a while, in between the arg...

Year started: 2014
Stars: Rachel Eggleston  Nat Faxon  Skylar Gray 
IMDB rating: 4.7

Face Off

Face Off is a competition/elimination series exploring the world of special-effects make-up artists and the unlimited imagination which allows them to create amazing works of living art. ...

Year started: 2011
Stars: McKenzie Westmore  Glenn Hetrick  Ve Neill 
IMDB rating: 7.9

Nathan For You

Nathan Fielder uses his business degree and life experiences to help real small businesses turn a profit. But because of his unorthodox approach, Nathan's genuine efforts to do good often draw real people into an experie...

Year started: 2013
Stars: Nathan Fielder 
Creators: Nathan Fielder  Michael Koman 
IMDB rating: 7.8

Young and Hungry

A well-off young tech entrepreneur hires a feisty young blogger to be his personal chef.

Year started: 2014
Stars: Emily Osment  Jonathan Sadowski  Rex Lee 
IMDB rating: 7.7

Taxi Brooklyn

TAXI: BROOKLYN is an action-comedy police procedural centered on the fractious, closely bonded partnership between a streetwise Marseilles-born New York City taxi driver and an intensely driven NYPD detective for whom th...

Year started: 2014
Stars: Chyler Leigh  Jacky Ido  James Colby 
IMDB rating: 5.1

Mystery Girls

The comedy series follows two former detective TV show starlets brought back together by a real-life mystery.

Year started: 2014
Stars: Jennie Garth  Tori Spelling  Miguel Pinzon 
Creators: Shepard Boucher  Tori Spelling 
IMDB rating: 6.7


An astronaut (Berry) returns home from a year long solo mission in space. She tries to reconnect with her husband and son in their everyday life. Her experiences in space and home lead to ...

Year started: 2014
Stars: Brad Beyer  Halle Berry  Goran Visnjic 
Creators: Mickey Fisher 
IMDB rating: 8.1

The Divide

A District-attorney uncovers new evidence that prompts the reinvestigation of a sensational murder case.

Year started: 2014
Stars: Jan Maxwell  Damon Gupton  Marin Ireland 
IMDB rating: 7.6


One of Manhattan's top corporate lawyers (Gabriel Macht) sets out to recruit a new hotshot associate and hires the only guy that impresses him - a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout (Patrick J. Adams). Though he i...

Year started: 2011
Stars: Gabriel Macht  Patrick J. Adams  Meghan Markle 
Creators: Aaron Korsh 
IMDB rating: 8.8

Hot In Cleveland

Three 40-something best friends from Los Angeles are flying to Paris when their plane makes an emergency landing in Cleveland. Realizing that all the norms from Los Angeles don't apply anymore, they decide to celebrate a...

Year started: 2010
Stars: Valerie Bertinelli  Jane Leeves  Wendie Malick 
Creators: Suzanne Martin 
IMDB rating: 7.1

Franklin And Bash

In Franklin & Bash, two young, fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants street lawyers cause a seismic culture clash when they join a legendary, button-down law firm. Breckin Meyer is Jared Franklin, who loves sticking it to autho...

Year started: 2011
Stars: Mark-Paul Gosselaar  Breckin Meyer  Reed Diamond 
Creators: Bill Chais  Kevin Falls 
IMDB rating: 7.1


GRACELAND delves into the lives of an elusive group of undercover agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and US Customs, who live and operate under one roof.

Year started: 2013
Stars: Serinda Swan  Daniel Sunjata  Aaron Tveit 
Creators: Jeff Eastin 
IMDB rating: 7.7

Covert Affairs

A young CIA operative/trainee, Annie Walker, is sent into the field to work for the DPD (Domestic Protection Division). August Anderson is a blind tech operative, and is Walker's guide in ...

Year started: 2010
Stars: Piper Perabo  Christopher Gorham  Kari Matchett 
Creators: Matt Corman  Chris Ord 
IMDB rating: 7.2

Sullivan and Son

Sullivan and Son takes place in a popular and legendary neighborhood bar in a working-class neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Penn. Filled with locals and regulars, Sullivan & Son is the unofficial “town hall” to the neigh...

Year started: 2012
Stars: Steve Byrne  Christine Ebersole  Brian Doyle-Murray 
Creators: Steve Byrne  Rob Long 
IMDB rating: 5.8

Pretty Little Liars

Four friends band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, whilst unraveling the mystery of the murder of their best friend.

Year started: 2010
Stars: Troian Bellisario  Ashley Benson  Lucy Hale 
IMDB rating: 8