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Ricky and Julian are two guys whose lives were shaped by their experiences growing up in the Trailer Park. Their childhood was typical of most trailer park kids - stealing, fighting, smoking, drinking, scamming and listening to Van Halen. The Boys have had their share of trouble with the law and spend a large portion of their adult lives behind bars. - Trailer Park Boys Streaming

Year started: 2001
Stars: John Paul Tremblay  Robb Wells  John Dunsworth 
Creators: Mike Clattenburg 
IMDB rating: 8
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Season 8. Episode 10

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Season 8. Episode 9

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Season 8. Episode 8

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Season 8. Episode 7

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Season 8. Episode 6

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Season 8. Episode 5

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Season 8. Episode 4

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Season 8. Episode 3

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Season 8. Episode 2

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Season 8. Episode 1

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Season 7. Episode 10

When the boys find themselves in trouble with the authorities it is up to Ricky to bargain for a deal. But, someone has to go to jail. Who will take the fall?

Season 7. Episode 9

The boys go ahead with their plan to smuggle marijuana across the border using a model train. What could possibly go wrong?

Season 7. Episode 8

Randy and Lahey devise a scheme to make some fast cash. To fool the police, Bubbles uses a disguise.

Season 7. Episode 7

Randy and Phil Collins go into business together, opening a restaurant called "The Dirty Burger". Meanwhile, Barb Lahey finally finds out who is her secret admirer.

Season 7. Episode 6

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles head to the woods in search of Jacob and his friends and soon come across Julian's 1987 Monte Carlo in the river, emptied and with the seat covers stri...

Season 7. Episode 5

The boys use Bubble's love for model trains when they make a plan to smuggle marijuana across the border into Maine. They send a team consisting of Jacob and his "crew" to scout...

Season 7. Episode 4

Bubbles and the boys get to meet heavy metal singer Sebastian Bach when they travel to Maine to attend a model train convention.

Season 7. Episode 3

The boys help Lahey when his fellow police officers turn against him. Ray makes plans to return to the road.

Season 7. Episode 2

J-Roc organizes a gang of thieves who are stealing bags at the airport. We learn more about Lucy's unborn baby.

Season 7. Episode 1

The boys try to profit from their latest scam of selling the meat that they have stolen from the grocery store. Meanwhile, Lucy is pregnant and Julian accepts a new job that is ...

Season 6. Episode 6

Sam Losco, swearing revenge against Randy (Sam blames Randy for getting him fired from East Coast Paving), kidnaps him and holds him for ransom. Lahey gets reinstated as a cop t...

Season 6. Episode 5

Randy power trips as he tries to clean up the park. Lahey tries to get incriminating evidence against the boys, and finds just the thing he thinks he needs to get back on the po...

Season 6. Episode 4

Trinity is in danger of failing grade 6. Ricky comes to the rescue. Bubbles reveals that he has a fear of chickens.

Season 6. Episode 3

Sunnyvale is finally going to get some publicity for their new ""Convenients Store"" and Bubbles ""KIttyland"" as a TV reporter comes to Sunnyvale. Lahey goes to the dump and fi...

Season 6. Episode 2

Randy takes over as park supervisor and plans a picnic for park morale. Mr. Lahey has a plan of his own. Lucy gets wasted and you won't believe who she turns to for comfort.

Season 6. Episode 1

First show of the 6th season. Ray who is living in his truck sleeper disposes of his urine just like a trucker. Julian has a new plan to make money. Randy goes out on his own. B...

Season 5. Episode 10

Cyrus gets out of jail and goes after Ricky, Julian and Bubbles. The boys decide to surrender. Lahey saves Ricky's life.

Season 5. Episode 9

Ricky bails Trinity out of jail. Lahey goes on a massive bender, and tricks Cory and Trevor into giving them information about the hash driveway. Julian attempts to get his trai...

Season 5. Episode 8

Julian's biggest money-making scheme involves smuggling the hash using the shopping carts at a local mall. Ricky lets Trinity drive the shitmobile and she gets charged with unde...

Season 5. Episode 7

Julian devises a clever plan to sell part of their driveway in order to earn extra cash. Ricky gets a job as a janitor at a local vocational school.

Season 5. Episode 6

The boys star in another one of J-Roc's greasy porn films. Randy and Lahey manage to get Ray arrested for disability fraud.

Season 5. Episode 5

Bubbles pretends to be a spaceman when the boys buy a rocket set. Ray reveals Lahey's secret and Lahey goes off the deep end.

Season 5. Episode 4

The boys find ways to help Ray now that his trailer has burned down. Bubbles realizes that the fire was not his fault.

Season 5. Episode 3

The boys hide all of the hash by using it to pave Ray's driveway. Ray's addiction to gambling and liquor gets worse. Ricky barbecues for his family with devastating effects.

Season 5. Episode 2

Cory and Trevor start to work for Julian. The boys steal drugs from Cyrus and hatch a plan to hide it all until they can find a buyer.

Season 5. Episode 1

The boys get out of jail only to find that Cory and Trevor messed up again—they don't own the park after all. Ray is hooked on VLTs.

Season 4. Episode 8

The Trailer Park Boys race to harvest their dope field while Jim Lahey slowly goes crazy.

Season 4. Episode 7

The Boys are finally ready to harvest and sell their dope. Barb proposes to Ricky. Mr. Lahey goes off the deep end.

Season 4. Episode 6

Bubbles befriends a dope-addicted mountain lion that has been eating weed from the Boys' marijuana fields..

Season 4. Episode 5

Bubbles has an infected tooth and the only way to get him to a hospital is with the help of his old childhood friend: a ventriloquist doll named .

Season 4. Episode 4

On a family fun day in the Park, Mr. Lahey plans to get his old supervisor job from Ricky. Bubbles wrestles under the alias, """".

Season 4. Episode 3

Julian, Ricky and Bubbles open a massage parlour in the park. J-Roc and DVS (Detroit Velvet Smooth) attempt to get J-Roc arrested to increase his ""street cred.""

Season 4. Episode 2

Broke, trailerless and without rum, Julian decides to leave the park and ends up living in his car in an alley. Meanwhile, Randy will do anything for a store-bought cheeseburger.

Season 4. Episode 1

Julian gets out of jail only to discover that Ricky is the new supervisor of Sunnyvale Trailer Park. Ricky and his assistant, Bubbles, have been carrying out various illegal act...

Season 3. Episode 8

Ricky gets pissed off at Julian for inviting Officer Erica Miller on the cruise.

Season 3. Episode 7

Lahey looses his mind on the anniversary of his dismissal from the police force. He puts on his old police uniform and tells everyone in the park that he is a police officer ag...

Season 3. Episode 6

Julian comes up with a plan to ""remarket"" barbeques. Ricky thinks it's a good idea to get his daughter, Trinity, and her friends in the Junior Achievers' Program to steal the...

Season 3. Episode 5

When ripped off on buying Rush tickets by Lahey and Randy, Ricky "borrows" band guitarist Alex Lifeson for tickets. After Lahey and Randy attempt to ruin the boys' concert, Bubb...

Season 3. Episode 4

Caught jacking more than just tunes, J-ROC tries to redeem himself by MC'ing a rap concert in the park.

Season 3. Episode 3

Ricky defends himself, Julian and Bubbles in court on charges of operating an illegal gas station

Season 3. Episode 2

Ricky's job as threatens to blow the cover on Julian's bootleg vodka operation.

Season 3. Episode 1

Ricky and Julian get out of prison rich men but Ricky kisses it all away in the end.

Season 2. Episode 7

With their dope-filled Airstream trailer in tow, Julian, Ricky and Bubbles lead a convoy of police cars in a long chase through the countryside as a police helicopter circles ov...

Season 2. Episode 6

After a big blowout with his boss, Randy quits his job and joins Julian and Ricky in their life of crime.

Season 2. Episode 5

Ricky's worst suspicions are realized when Julian falls for the daughter of a traveling Bible Salesman.

Season 2. Episode 4

When their dope plants become infested with insects, Ricky and Julian quarantine the surviving crop in Bubbles' shed, leading to a fiery conclusion.

Season 2. Episode 3

Needing extra cash to expand their dope operation, Julian and Ricky open a bar and casino in J-ROC's trailer.

Season 2. Episode 2

Julian and Ricky have to make sure that Jim Lahey wins the election for trailer park supervisor over their archrival Sam Losco.

Season 2. Episode 1

When Ricky gets a job as a mall security guard, he puts Julian's dope-growing operation at risk and tries to arrest Bubbles for stealing shopping carts.

Season 1. Episode 6

Lucy insists that Julian take over the job of organizing her wedding: which is odd since Julian isn't the groom, Ricky is. She wants lots of people and lots of food. The people ...

Season 1. Episode 5

With Ricky's life still a mess, Julian tries to convince him that it's time to marry Lucy. Reluctant at first, Ricky changes his mind when Julian suggests that people will alway...

Season 1. Episode 4

While babysitting both Trinity and Mrs. Peterson's dog, Ricky accidentally gets shot and the dog devours a tray of hash brownies. A vet treats both the dog and Ricky. In order t...

Season 1. Episode 3

In desperate need of $2,000 to buy some hydroponics gear for his dope-growing business, Ricky reluctantly agrees to star in one of J-Rock's amateur porn films to be shot in J-Ro...

Season 1. Episode 2

Fed up with all their demands and complaints, Julian tells everyone that he is leaving the trailer park. Ricky, who has been living in Julian's car on his front lawn, has one we...

Season 1. Episode 1

After 18 months in jail, our Trailer Park Boys, Ricky and Julian , head back home to Sunnyvale Trailer Park aiming to get their lives back together again. The problem is that ne...