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A spin-off of "Top Chef," in which the express focus is desserts and the contestants are pastry chefs. - Top Chef Streaming

Year started: 2006
Stars: Tom Colicchio  Padma Lakshmi  Gail Simmons 
IMDB rating: 7
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Episode list

Season 12. Episode 13

In Mexico, the contestants compete for the prestigious title of Top Chef.

Season 12. Episode 12

Innovative bean dishes are created. Later, the culinary contestants serve up inventive fare that exemplifies the future of cooking, with the winner earning a guaranteed slot in ...

Season 12. Episode 11

The chefs get thrown for a loop by a surprise visit from their family members that will serve as their sous chefs in their next Elimination Challenge. With an automatic ticket t...

Season 12. Episode 10

Chef Jacques Pepin challenges the chefs to create a dish inspired by Julia Child's techniques.

Season 12. Episode 9

The chefs are challenged to concoct a tasty sausage dish for NFL player Rob Gronkowski.

Season 12. Episode 8

Eliminated chefs return, changing the competition; "Top Chef" fans participate in a tasting party.

Season 12. Episode 7

The chefs must create their own pop-up restaurants.

Season 12. Episode 6

The chefs cook a Thanksgiving feast using only ingredients and cooking methods from the 1600s.

Season 12. Episode 5

In a head-to-head challenge, the chefs cook for guest judge Jamie Bissonnette.

Season 12. Episode 4

The chefs must create the ultimate bar snack for guest judge George Wendt ("Cheers").

Season 12. Episode 3

The chefs use ballpark snacks to create fine-dining dishes at Fenway Park.

Season 12. Episode 2

The chefs create a surf-and-turf dish for guest judge Todd English; teams prepare dishes to be served up to Boston police and firemen and judged by guest chef Dante de Magistris.

Season 12. Episode 1

Season 12 opens with 16 chefs beginning their battles in Boston. Here, the chefs must cook revamped versions of the first dish they created. Richard Blais serves as a judge.

Season 11. Episode 17

The two remaining chefs open pop-up restaurants for the final challenge.

Season 11. Episode 16

In Hawaii, the final chefs take on Spam in the Quickfire; Hawaiian canoe crops.

Season 11. Episode 15

The chefs battle for a new car in the Quickfire; the chefs must show how New Orleans has impacted their food.

Season 11. Episode 14

Po' boys in the Quickfire; the contestants put their own culinary visions on a plate.

Season 11. Episode 13

Culinary figure Jacques Pepin arrives to test the chefs' techniques based on one of his favorite dishes. Later, the chefs create meals that represent both France and Spain.

Season 11. Episode 12

The chefs serve up étouffée, then honor local cuisine by preparing two types of seafood. Chef John Besh is the guest judge.

Season 11. Episode 11

Questlove judges various types of poultry drumsticks; the chefs head to LSU's campus to serve incoming students.

Season 11. Episode 10

The chefs must make dishes that remind them of home; Actor Anthony Mackie joins the judges.

Season 11. Episode 9

The contestants create pop-up restaurants to impress the judges.

Season 11. Episode 8

The contestants make their own hot sauce; the chefs butcher and cook a 300-pound pig.

Season 11. Episode 7

A food version of musical chairs; the chefs cater a jazzy event.

Season 11. Episode 6

The creole tomato; the contestants try to impress up-scale chefs.

Season 11. Episode 5

Tools and ingredients are wrapped in aluminum foil; the chefs cater a Halloween party for singer/actress Lea Michele, and the food must be spooky and vegetarian.

Season 11. Episode 4

The chefs get a crash course in Vietnamese culture.

Season 11. Episode 3

An elimination quickfire challenge; replicating legacy dishes in the elimination challenge.

Season 11. Episode 2

The chefs prepare gumbo and try to please the palate of New Orleans chef Leah Chase. Later, they create and operate food trucks to serve Habitat for Humanity volunteers working ...

Season 11. Episode 1

Season 11 opens with chefs battling for culinary honors in New Orleans. Here, the foodies must cook with either alligator, frog or turtle.

Season 10. Episode 17

The "Top Chef" winner is crowned in the conclusion of the two-part Season 10 finale.

Season 10. Episode 16

Part 1 of the two-part Season 10 finale features the remaining chefs showcasing their culinary skills at an eatery in Los Angeles owned by Tom Colicchio, who serves as kitchen f...

Season 10. Episode 15

An adventurous Quickfire; Emeril and chef Roy Choi cook an emotional meal for the Elimination Challenge.

Season 10. Episode 14

King crab in the Quickfire; salmon and sourdough in the Elimination Challenge.

Season 10. Episode 13

The contestants set sail for Alaska; elevating iceberg lettuce for the Quickfire; surf and turf in the Elimination Challenge.

Season 10. Episode 12

The cheftestants make sushi for Katsuya; fried chicken in the Elimination Challenge.

Season 10. Episode 11

The teams are men vs. women as the chefs try to impress restaurateur Danny Meyer; restaurants are built from scratch.

Season 10. Episode 10

The cheftestants must impress Wolfgang Puck; the chefs cook for 200 people at the Bite of Seattle food event.

Season 10. Episode 9

The cheftestants' knife skills are tested; memorable moments in the Elimination Challenge.

Season 10. Episode 8

The foodies harvest oysters and then prepare them for judge Emeril Lagasse. Later, they serve up fare for a Seattle sports team—and host Padma Lakshmi makes an appearance on r...

Season 10. Episode 7

An entire pantry wrapped in aluminum foil tests the chefs. Also: head-to-head battles. Former contestant Stephanie Izard is the guest judge

Season 10. Episode 6

The chefs' ability to share is put to the test when their genealogy inspires dishes. Later, they must cater a homecoming party for celebrity couple Anna Faris and Chris Pratt. R...

Season 10. Episode 5

Early morning Quickfire at Pike Place Market; rare ingredients in the Elimination Challenge; an unexpected judges table shocks the Cheftestants.

Season 10. Episode 4

The chefs must work with two slabs of beef. Later, they reinvent a 1950s menu and serve up classic fare.

Season 10. Episode 3

In the Quickfire, the chefs make dumplings from all over the world; Tom and Emeril lead teams in a Thanksgiving battle for the Elimination Challenge.

Season 10. Episode 2

A surprising twist challenges the 15 remaining chefs.

Season 10. Episode 1

Each judge puts the 21 new cheftestants through their own real-world challenge.

Season 2. Episode 10

This round's theme deals with vision and execution, challenging the chefs' to create original ideas that can also be achieved. First up is snack food limited by three condiments...

Season 1. Episode 8

Teams compete for the chance to cater a commitment ceremony.