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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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Year started: 2010
Stars: Kyle Richards  Adrienne Maloof  Camille Grammer 
IMDB rating: 3.8
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Episode list

Season 4. Episode 18

A trip to Puerto Rico closes with golf, shopping and, last but not least, the threat of arrest. Back in 90210, Brandi surprises her parents; Kim and Yolanda bid adieu to their c...

Season 4. Episode 17

All of the ladies, except Carlton, go to Puerto Rico; Joyce spends time with her family; Yolanda and Brandi confront Lisa; Kyle questions her friendship with Lisa; a battle erup...

Season 4. Episode 16

Kyle and Joyce don't invite Carlton on their trip; Brandi tries to avoid Lisa at Gigi's party; Carlton refuses a gift from Kyle; Kyle accidentally shares something with the group.

Season 4. Episode 15

Carlton oversees a party for her husband's business; Kim confronts Lisa and Ken; Brandi confides in Kim and Kyle.

Season 4. Episode 14

Joyce confronts Carlton about a spell; Lisa and Kyle plan a combined birthday party for their husbands; Lisa asks Brandi to speak to Scheana; a confrontation between Carlton and...

Season 4. Episode 13

Carlton invites the ladies to her annual pool party; Kyle gives Carlton a necklace; Kim attends a Hollywood autograph show; Yolanda invites the ladies to her home.

Season 4. Episode 10

Kim welcomes her dog home from boot camp; Carlton gets a tattoo; Yolanda scolds Brandi for her behavior; Joyce and Brandi share the catwalk at Kyle's fashion show; Kyle raises m...

Season 4. Episode 9

Yolanda and David celebrate their anniversary; Kim rides in a racecar; Carlton shops with her mother-in-law; Brandi and Joyce avoid each other, until they're forced to come face...

Season 4. Episode 8

Kim sends her problem dog to boarding school; Yolanda causes the group to split into two; Brandi insults Joyce.

Season 4. Episode 7

Brandi wants Kyle and Yolanda to resolve their Paris issues; Kim feels belittled by Lisa trying to quiet her; Kim and Carlton bond as they commune with a group of squirrels; Bra...