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A heavy sigh went out from millions of viewers as they shared Sean Lowe's heartbreak when Emily Maynard - who all season long called him the "perfect man" -- made him the last bachelor ... - The Bachelor Streaming

Year started: 2002
Stars: Chris Harrison  Brad Womack  Ali Fedotowsky 
Creators: Mike Fleiss 
IMDB rating: 2.5
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Episode list

Season 17. Episode 13

Sean recaps the season in an interview with Chris Harrison. Also: The final two bachelorettes discuss the outcome of the show.

Season 17. Episode 12

In the Season 17 finale, Sean must choose between the two remaining bachelorettes. Before he does so, he introduces them to his family, goes on a final date with both women and ...

Season 17. Episode 11

Sarah and Tierra are among the rejected bachelorettes who confront each other and Sean. Also: Sean and Chris Harrison review the season and look ahead to the finale.

Season 17. Episode 10

Sean and the remaining three bachelorettes go to Thailand for exotic one-on-one dates. In addition, the ladies have the opportunity to give up their individual rooms for a chanc...

Season 17. Episode 9

Chris Harrison chats with Season 17 bachelor Sean Lowe, who shares his thoughts about the dismissed women and discusses his feelings about the final three bachelorettes. Also in...

Season 17. Episode 8

Sean travels across the country to visit the hometowns of the final four women; one woman is eliminated.

Season 17. Episode 7

Sean and the six remaining bachelorettes visit the Caribbean island of St. Croix. While there, one woman reveals a surprising fact about her past that could ruin her relationshi...

Season 17. Episode 6

Sean and the nine remaining bachelorettes head to the Canadian Rockies, where seven of the ladies take an ice-cold dip in Lake Louise. Elsewhere, adventurous one-on-one encounte...

Season 17. Episode 5

Sean takes the 11 remaining bachelorettes to Whitefish, Mont., where eight compete in a relay race and Sean takes one woman on a helicopter ride over Glacier National Park and t...

Season 17. Episode 4

Sean plays roller derby with eight of the 13 remaining contenders, but one woman takes a spill and ends up in the hospital with a swollen jaw. Elsewhere, Sean's private dates in...

Season 17. Episode 3

Sean takes the ladies to Malibu for a game of beach volleyball, after which the winners spend the evening with him and the losers return to the mansion. Elsewhere, one of his ro...

Season 17. Episode 2

The 19 survivors of the opening ceremony move into the mansion. Sean goes on his first one-on-one date, which involves a free fall off a Los Angeles skyscraper; and later, a gro...

Season 17. Episode 1

Sean gets advice from his friend Arie; Sean meets the women and offers one the first rose.