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Junior attorney Kimmie Boubier and her two best friends Helen-Alice and Marika have had a standing date every Friday night for the last 13 years. They even have a motto for what they call "Friday Night Fun Night": "Always together! Always Inside!" However, Kimmie’s recent promotion throws a monkey wrench into the tradition. Not only is she now working with her idol, "Lady Lawyer of the Year" Felicity Vanderstone, but she meets a dashingly handsome British attorney, Richard Lovell, who invites her to his party at a trendy club. Determined to spend time with Richard and heed Felicity’s advice to network, Kimmie sets out to convince her friends to take Super Fun Night on the road. - Super Fun Night Streaming

Year started: 2013
Stars: Rebel Wilson  Kevin Bishop  Liza Lapira 
Creators: Rebel Wilson 
IMDB rating: 5.2
Categories: S

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Episode list

Season 1. Episode 17

James breaks up with Kimmie after she admits that Richard kissed her in the Season 1 finale. Meanwhile, Marika struggles to find a way to tell her friends she's gay.

Season 1. Episode 16

Kimmie tries to celebrate her first Valentine's Day with James, but work gets in the way and Richard sends her mixed messages; a new friend hits on Marika; Kendall has a sex toy...

Season 1. Episode 15

A law firm executive convinces Kimmie she needs to act more professional, but Helen-Alice and Marika are fearful of her new attitude.

Season 1. Episode 14

When a visiting ex causes Richard to fall off the wagon, Kimmie and Kendall work together to help him; Ruby and Marika have a misunderstanding.

Season 1. Episode 13

Helen-Alice and Marika are jealous when Kimmie starts spending a lot of time with her new boyfriend; Kendall feels lonely after her breakup with Richard.

Season 1. Episode 12

After breaking up with Richard, Kendall takes all of her anger out on Kimmie; Helen-Alice and Marika agree to makeovers.

Season 1. Episode 11

Season 1. Episode 10

A law firm executive convinces Kimmie she needs to act more professional, but Helen-Alice and Marika are fearful of her new attitude.

Season 1. Episode 9

Richard reluctantly agrees to drive Kimmie and her friends to a cut-your-own Christmas tree lot upstate, but their trip doesn't go as planned; Kendall spends the holiday with he...

Season 1. Episode 8

Kimmie gets a promotion that threatens a longs-standing tradition with her two best friends and roommates.

Season 1. Episode 7

Kendall sets Kimmie up on a date with one of Richard's dorky friends, which ends up eliciting a surprising reaction from Richard; Kimmie and her roommates go crazy when Dan, Ben...

Season 1. Episode 6

Kimmie and her friends attend a seminar by a relationship guru (Molly Shannon); Kimmie uses some of the guru's tips and picks up a guy at a hotel bar.

Season 1. Episode 5

Kimmie sees a different side of Kendall when the two go out together.

Season 1. Episode 4

Kimmie's mom (Jacki Weaver) intervenes as she plans an engagement party for her sister (Ashley Tisdale).

Season 1. Episode 3

Kimmie plans a surprise for the office Halloween party.

Season 1. Episode 2

When Kimmie embellishes the girls' online dating profiles, they end up on a group date trying to maintain their lies.

Season 1. Episode 1

A tradition is threatened in the opener of this sitcom, in which a big promotion alters an attorney's relationship with her two best friends.