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The story of Mary Queen of Scots’ rise to power when she arrives in France as a 15-year-old, betrothed to Prince Francis, and with her three best friends as ladies-in-waiting. The secret history of survival at French Court amidst fierce foes, dark forces, and a world of sexual intrigue. - Reign Streaming

Year started: 2013
Stars: Toby Regbo  Torrance Coombs  Jenessa Grant 
IMDB rating: 6.4
Categories: R

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Episode list

Season 2. Episode 11

Mary tries to help Condé after learning that he is being hunted by the Vatican.

Season 2. Episode 10

Francis tracks Narcisse with a passion for revenge. Meanwhile, Mary discovers Francis was being blackmailed, leading her and Condé to tackle a dangerous mission; Leith begs Gre...

Season 2. Episode 9

Following a discovery, Bash and Francis formulate a daring plan; Mary presents a radical proposal.

Season 2. Episode 8

Vatican inquisitors punish those suspected of being a Protestant; Lord Condé is abducted.

Season 2. Episode 7

Princess Claude, a provocative and reckless young woman, makes a surprise visit home.

Season 2. Episode 6

Mary and Catherine must conceal their identities when they encounter a mob of angry peasants.

Season 2. Episode 5

Tension escalates between Catholics and Protestants; Francis receives an unwanted gift.

Season 2. Episode 4

Lord Condé and Bash investigate when shadowy riders attack a shepherd; Leith returns.

Season 2. Episode 3

Mary searches for a way to feed the people of France; Catherine plans a lavish coronation ceremony.

Season 2. Episode 2

A powerful lord learns Mary was responsible for his son's death and demands retribution.

Season 2. Episode 1

The new King and Queen of France, Francis and Mary are plummeted into chaos after the Black Plague ravages the land and creeps inside the castle, threatening lives and the stabi...

Season 1. Episode 22

In the first-season finale, Mary and Francis take drastic action in response to Henry's madness. Meanwhile, a terror in the woods puts everyone in peril; and Mary makes a bold c...

Season 1. Episode 21

Catherine and Mary form an uneasy alliance as they decide how to deal with King Henry.

Season 1. Episode 20

Mary hires a mercenary to help her save Scotland. Meanwhile, Francis prepares France to wage war on England, and Leith becomes his ally in this endeavor; and Lola and Julien's b...

Season 1. Episode 19

Mary's uncle delivers bad news about her mother; Bash and Kenna begin to trust each other.

Season 1. Episode 18

Mary's brother wants her to return to Scotland; Lola is suspicious of Lord Julien's motives.

Season 1. Episode 17

Mary discovers that her mother (Amy Brenneman) orchestrated a secret clause in her marriage contract.

Season 1. Episode 16

Francis reluctantly helps Bash uncover the threat in the woods, resulting in a dangerous situation; the king becomes obsessed with a servant; Greer is caught in a kiss.

Season 1. Episode 15

As women in the castle mingle with possible suitors, Lola is reluctant to participate; Kenna fears for her safety after another violent incident with King Henry; Bash determines...

Season 1. Episode 14

Mary comes back from her honeymoon suspicious of Lola's unusual behavior; Bash encounters an escaped victim of the terrors of the woods; King Henry is forced to ask Queen Cather...

Season 1. Episode 13

Mary must consider her nation and her heart as a forced marriage looms; Mary's mother (Amy Brenneman) visits the castle, which worries King Henry and Queen Catherine.

Season 1. Episode 12

Clarissa kidnaps Henry and Catherine's youngest sons, so Catherine turns to Mary and Bash for help. Elsewhere, Lola tries to assist her brother with a debt, but when she gets in...

Season 1. Episode 11

When Queen Catherine is accused of adultery and treason, she tries to save herself by exposing Bash's past; the shocking truth about the castle ghost is revealed.

Season 1. Episode 10

An assassination attempt is made on Bash's life, and Catherine appears to be responsible for it. Meanwhile, Mary offers assistance to a jailed peasant who has a curious link to ...

Season 1. Episode 9

Bash and Mary are captured and returned to the castle; Catherine becomes even more determined to destroy Mary.

Season 1. Episode 8

Nostradamus shares with Mary his prophecy about a death, which leads Mary to make a big decision concerning Francis. Meanwhile, Clarissa gets brazen as she pursues her goals; an...

Season 1. Episode 7

Mary and Francis are taken hostage when the castle falls under siege, and Catherine makes a shocking suggestion in an effort to save them. Meanwhile, Diane reveals to Bash that ...

Season 1. Episode 6

An attempt to scare Mary causes Queen Catherine to take drastic measures to make sure the guilty party is caught. Francis, aware of Bash and Mary's growing attraction, turns to ...

Season 1. Episode 5

One of Francis' former lovers arrives at the castle -- and brings danger with her; Mary turns to Bash for comfort; Aylee is blackmailed into spying on Mary.

Season 1. Episode 4

Mary must decide if she is willing to lie and have a man sentenced to death in exchange for being released from her engagement to Prince Francis; Francis and Bash grow suspiciou...

Season 1. Episode 3

A Portuguese prince offers much-needed aid to Scotland if Mary accepts his marriage proposal and break things off with Francis. Elsewhere, Francis' feelings for Mary lead him to...

Season 1. Episode 2

After Mary learns that the English are aware of her fragile engagement to Francis, the two put on a show to protect their alliance; Queen Catherine tries to silence those who kn...

Season 1. Episode 1

After spending her childhood at a monastery, teenage Mary Stuart arrives in France to formalize her arranged engagement to Prince Francis.