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A novice sleuth is hired by the police after he cons them into thinking he has psychic powers that help solve crimes. With this assistance of his reluctant best friend the duo take on a series of complicated cases. - Psych Streaming

Year started: 2006
Stars: James Roday  Dulé Hill  Timothy Omundson 
Creators: Steve Franks 
IMDB rating: 8.3
Categories: P

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Episode list

Season 8. Episode 11

Shawn, Gus and Juliet handle one last case in the series finale.

Season 8. Episode 10

Shawn, Gus and Juliet handle one last case in the series finale.

Season 8. Episode 9

Shawn has a nightmarish experience at a dream-therapy clinic.

Season 8. Episode 8

The speaker at a paranormal convention for police consultants dies under suspicious circumstances, forcing Shawn to launch an impromptu murder investigation.

Season 8. Episode 7

Shawn and Gus investigate the murder of a food-truck owner.

Season 8. Episode 6

A former backup singer hopes to solve a cold case from 1967.

Season 8. Episode 5

Gus falls for a sexy private eye while investigating a man whose life mirrors his own.

Season 8. Episode 4

An ex-con takes Woody hostage after being falsely accused of murder.

Season 8. Episode 3

This remake of "Cloudy...With A Chance of Murder" from the show's first season follows the investigation of a weathercaster charged with a heinous crime.

Season 8. Episode 2

Shawn discovers the missing link connecting a group of murder victims.

Season 8. Episode 1

Gus attends a Harry Potter convention in London in the Season 8 opener.

Season 7. Episode 16

Shawn and Gus track down escaped playwright mad man named Z (Anthony Rapp), who six years earlier was deemed criminally insane after locking a critic in a back room of the theat...

Season 7. Episode 15

Shawn and Gus track down escaped playwright mad man named Z (Anthony Rapp), who six years earlier was deemed criminally insane after locking a critic in a back room of the theat...

Season 7. Episode 14

An eccentric police consultant is brought in to interview Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Juliet about their seemingly poor police work.

Season 7. Episode 13

Shawn and Gus suspect a plastic surgeon, who is a former flame of Henry's, is guilty of murdering a patient.

Season 7. Episode 12

Shawn and Gus go undercover as radio personalities to find out who murdered their favorite DJ.

Season 7. Episode 11

When Gus accidentally tampers with a crime, Shawn must find the murderer before Gus is arrested.

Season 7. Episode 10

Shawn looks into the mayor's death, which appears to be a surfing accident, and ends up running for office in the process.

Season 7. Episode 9

Shawn bonds with Woody; Shawn believes that Juliet's new friend is a killer.

Season 7. Episode 8

After solving a case, Shawn considers how things would have played out if he had done something differently.

Season 7. Episode 7

The gang crosses paths with a crime boss while attending a wedding at a casino resort.

Season 7. Episode 6

Gus babysits Rachel's son, but things don't go as planned when their trip to the circus turns deadly.

Season 7. Episode 5

Shawn and Gus attend a secret party at a historic mansion, hosted by an aging rocker.

Season 7. Episode 4

Shawn tries to bond with Juliet's stepfather.

Season 7. Episode 3

Shawn and Gus join college filmmakers making a documentary about Bigfoot in the woods.

Season 7. Episode 2

Juliet goes undercover on a dating site while Shawn tries to contain his jealousy. Elsewhere, Gus has a new girlfriend.

Season 7. Episode 1

In the Season 7 premiere, Shawn looks for revenge for Henry's shooting.

Season 6. Episode 16

In the Season 6 finale, Shawn, Gus and Henry reopen a murder investigation when the victim's body finally surfaces after 20 years. The case leads them to old suspects, including...

Season 6. Episode 15

A wrongly convicted chef hires Shawn and Gus to help find the real culprit responsible for the robbery for which he was imprisoned

Season 6. Episode 14

An autopsy mistake threatens Woody's job, prompting Shawn and Gus to look for the cadaver's real cause of death in order to help their friend

Season 6. Episode 13

Shawn and Gus team up with members of Gus' former a cappella group to investigate the shooting of a prominent leader of an at-risk youth program.

Season 6. Episode 12

hawn and Gus go undercover to investigate an attack on a reality-TV contestant who appeared on a dating show in which men compete for the affections of a woman they've crossed p...

Season 6. Episode 11

Lassiter hires Shawn and Gus to get to the bottom of strange occurrences at his new condo.

Season 6. Episode 10

Shawn and Gus team up with Despereaux to locate a mythical dagger rumored to be the key to unlocking a dead billionaire's treasure.

Season 6. Episode 9

Shawn and Juliet's getaway doesn't go as planned when their hotel room is robbed and a body turns up at a nearby winery.

Season 6. Episode 8

Shawn and Gus hide a witness at a remote commune populated by eccentric intellectuals while they investigate a murder that the witness claims occurred in broad daylight

Season 6. Episode 7

Juliet's estranged con-man father (William Shatner) tries to mend fences with his daughter. But his commitment to staying on the right side of the law is tested when a perfect c...

Season 6. Episode 6

Shawn and Gus are admitted to a mental hospital to keep an eye on a billionaire who recently got off the hook for murder charges by pleading insanity. The pair set out to prove ...

Season 6. Episode 5

Shawn and Gus go undercover as a coach and a mascot, respectively, for Santa Barbara's minor-league baseball team in order to investigate the death of the team's hitting coach.

Season 6. Episode 4

Shawn and Gus try to identify the masked vigilante the Mantis, who is trying to take down a drug ring that the SBPD is also targeting.

Season 6. Episode 3

Shawn and Gus suspect that Lassiter's mysterious new girlfriend (Kristy Swanson) could be responsible for a murder in which the victim's blood was drained

Season 6. Episode 2

Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Woody are drugged and wake up with no memories of the night before. Things get worse when a dead body surfaces and the clues point to the foursome as th...

Season 6. Episode 1

Shawn stumbles across a dead body at the British consulate's home while working a case to recover a stolen "Star Wars" collector's item. In order to get the police on the case, ...

Season 5. Episode 16

Shawn and Gus must use Yang's knowledge to save a kidnapped woman from Yin.

Season 5. Episode 15

When a polar bear trainer is found dead, Shawn works to prove the bear's innocence.

Season 5. Episode 14

Henry wonders what life would have been like if he had not returned to Santa Barbara.

Season 5. Episode 13

When they do not follow police procedure, Shawn and Gus are forced to attend the Police Academy.

Season 5. Episode 12

Shawn and Gus receive a mysterious email inviting them to the Cinnamon Festival in a quirky small town.

Season 5. Episode 11

While on a haunted house ride, Shawn and Gus witness a murder they believe was committed by a ghost.

Season 5. Episode 10

Shawn and Gus visit Despereaux in a Vancouver prison.

Season 5. Episode 9

A government spy seeks the guys' help proving her innocence after she's implicated in a crime

Season 5. Episode 8

Shawn meets his match in a talented criminal profiler while investigating a series of murders targeting donors on a liver-transplant lis

Season 5. Episode 7

The guys help a guard round up escaped inmates on a ferryboat en route to the Channel Islands

Season 5. Episode 6

Shawn and Gus work with two retired police officers to solve the murder of a police chief.

Season 5. Episode 5

When a member of a gang of car thieves turns up dead, Shawn and Gus must infiltrate a drag racing ring to find the killer. Shawn soon finds himself enjoying the fast lane too mu...

Season 5. Episode 4

A wealthy widow's young date is murdered, pitting Shawn and Gus against a dirty rotten scoundrel they are convinced trained the victim to be a con artist.

Season 5. Episode 3

Shawn and Gus get themselves hired onto the case when an unstable lawyer claims his assistant was abducted by aliens.

Season 5. Episode 2

When a woman is found dead with a bottle of pills that are lab trial samples, Lassiter and Gus, who are taking the same tap class, team up to dance their way to catching a murderer

Season 5. Episode 1

When the daughter of a Chinese Triad family disappears, Shawn and Gus take on the case.

Season 4. Episode 16

A serial killer targets Shawn using scenarios from classic Hitchcock films. Has Mr. Yang returned? Will everyone make it out alive? Guest starring Ally Sheedy as Mr. Yang.

Season 4. Episode 15

After Lassiter takes a page out of Shawn's book and claims a shark attack victim was actually murdered, the guys must then scramble to find the fish and prove him right. Guest s...

Season 4. Episode 14

Shawn and Gus join a think tank designed to protect a tycoon from assassination plots. After the group disbands, they realize one of the members was using the meetings to plan a...

Season 4. Episode 13

A lab has lost one of their infectious agents, and Shawn and Gus are tasked with finding it before it can be unleashed on the public.

Season 4. Episode 12

Shawn stumbles into a situation involving Juliet's ex-boyfriend from college, a mobster who may have been wrongfully convicted, witness protection and a very cold case.

Season 4. Episode 11

It's a busman's holiday when Ruby's river trip with Gus and Shawn turns deadly after one of the group takes a tumble off the raft.

Season 4. Episode 10

Abigail is disappointed when Shawn accepts a case at the Army base instead of going on a date with her, but he and Gus are intrigued by a death they believe shouldn't have been ...

Season 4. Episode 9

Shawn finds himself central to a criminal enterprise when he interrupts a brother preparing for a robbery, and then ends up a hostage for the other brother when all his well-lai...

Season 4. Episode 8

Shawn and Gus take the case of a man who is sure he's a werewolf on a path to killing humans, but far from protecting mankind from a furry beast they find themselves protecting ...

Season 4. Episode 7

Gus' reunion with two members of his college a cappella quartet, with whom he's estranged, at the funeral of the fourth leads to a case for Shawn when they ask him to prove that...

Season 4. Episode 6

A man thinks he's cursed after several of his former girlfriends meet grim fates, and he asks Shawn and Gus to investigate. Sendhil Ramamurthy guest stars.

Season 4. Episode 5

Shawn and Gus try to find out the man responsible for the attempted murder of Detective Lassiter, the only problem is they don't know where to start because of the long list of ...

Season 4. Episode 4

When a college girl at a Catholic university commits suicide, Gus and Shawn are brought in because one of the professors at the school believes the girl was demon-possessed.

Season 4. Episode 3

An Old West tourist attraction is plagued by a series of strange events threatening to shut it down. In hopes of saving it, Lassiter asks Shawn and Gus to look into the odd occu...

Season 4. Episode 2

A billionaire hedge fund manager asks Shawn and Gus to find his murderer – a last request Shawn can't resist. So he and Gus step into a world of privilege that's rivaled ...

Season 4. Episode 1

Shawn and Gus spot an art thief whom Lassiter has been trying to arrest for years. So, although they are on a skiing vacation in Canada, they appeal to the local constabulary wi...

Season 3. Episode 16

Shawn's exploits have garnered him fame, if not fortune. Unfortunately, they've also brought him to the attention of the Yin Yang serial killer.

Season 3. Episode 15

Shawn and Gus are asked by a childhood friend, Jason Cunningham, to investigate the disappearance of his camp's counsellor.

Season 3. Episode 14

The guys hope to foil an assassination plot by proving that a pathological liar is telling the truth.

Season 3. Episode 13

Shawn and Gus investigate the death of a footballer named Vlad.

Season 3. Episode 12

Partnered with an arson inspector named Morgan, Shawn and Gus attempt to bring an arsonist to justice before he or she can strike again.

Season 3. Episode 11

A desperate Lassiter turns to Shawn and Gus for help when he's implicated in a murder at the police station.

Season 3. Episode 10

Shawn, sure that the death of Shabby the Sea Lion is murder, finds himself in deeper water after he stumbles upon a plot that involves much more than rehabilitating a mammal bac...

Season 3. Episode 9

Shawn and Gus investigate a department store Santa who they suspect is up to no good. Meanwhile, Gus' sister flies in for Christmas.

Season 3. Episode 8

Gus is taken hostage at the Santa Barbara Savings and Loan Bank while making a deposit for Shawn.
Shawn, still in the car and oblivious to the hostage situation, question...

Season 3. Episode 7

Juliet goes undercover as a skater to solve a number of robberies that are linked to a roller derby team.

Season 3. Episode 6

Shawn and Gus investigate the death of a safety inspector aboard an offshore oil rig. The investigation is complicated by the commander of the coast guard, Barbara Dunlap, Chief...

Season 3. Episode 5

The biggest bust of Henry's career just walked out of jail on a technicality, so Shawn and Gus must revisit the seventies to reinvestigate the case and put the culprit behind ba...

Season 3. Episode 4

Shawn's adventurous and notoriously unreliable Uncle Jack comes to town claiming he has a map to ancient hidden Spanish treasure, Shawn, Gus and Henry find themselves in a life ...

Season 3. Episode 3

Shawn suspects foul play after Dutch the Clutch, a daredevil, is almost killed while performing a stunt.

Season 3. Episode 2

Shawn and Gus attend their high school reunion. Shawn sees a body fly past a window, but on further inspection the body has vanished. When Gus assumes the worst, and Lassiter re...

Season 3. Episode 1

Gus' boss demands that he quit moonlighting at the Psych agency, leaving Shawn to find a way to keep his partner while simultaneously solving a haunting case and dealing with hi...

Season 2. Episode 16

Shawn investigates the disappearance of a mummy from the National History Museum.

Season 2. Episode 15

Shawn and Gus investigate the murder of a fashion designer while posing as models. Meanwhile, Henry starts seeing someone...

Season 2. Episode 14

The duo investigate the death of a member of a local fraternity chaired by Lassiter's father-in-law.

Season 2. Episode 13

Shawn and Gus search for a killer on the set of a Spanish telenovela.

Season 2. Episode 12

Shawn and Gus investigate a man who has disappeared from a local retirement community.

Season 2. Episode 11

Shawn is shocked when he learns that Gus is married after Gus' wife unexpectedly shows up. She asks the men to take on a missing-persons case.

Season 2. Episode 10

Christmas with the Gusters is ruined when Gus's parents' neighbor is killed, a clue leads Lassiter to look at Mr Guster more closely. Evidence leads the police into arresting Gu...

Season 2. Episode 9

Juliet asks Shawn and Gus for help in capturing an accused murder who escaped from her. They track the man down, but soon discover he is innocent and they try to find the real k...

Season 2. Episode 8

Shawn and Gus want to be put on a burglary case, but a sleep-deprived Chief Vick orders them to find her a nanny instead.

Season 2. Episode 7

Shawn and Gus become lecturers at a school where the students suspect a teacher of murder after overhearing a mysterious phone call.

Season 2. Episode 6

Shawn and Gus are put on the case when a food critic is murdered. However, Gus' Uncle Burton is in town, and due to a misunderstanding, Gus must pretend to be the psychic detect...

Season 2. Episode 5

Gus and Shawn's childhood nemesis, Jimmy "Jimmy Nickels" Nicholas (now a horse jockey), asks the duo for help in discovering why his horses never win. But the investigation deve...

Season 2. Episode 4

Shawn tracks down Lassiter's car, with little difficulty, after it's stolen. But discovers that there's more to the situation than meets the eye, Shawn calls Gus back from vacat...

Season 2. Episode 3

The FBI employs their own psychic in a search for a counterfeiter, causing the department to work together in an effort to prove that Shawn is the better psychic.

Season 2. Episode 2

The discovery of the remains of a dead man sparks debate between Shawn and the police, who disagree about how the man died, leading to an even bigger discovery.

Season 2. Episode 1

In the second-season opener, Shawn gives his protection to a talent-show judge after multiple failed attempts to kill him.

Season 1. Episode 15

In the first season finale, Shawn puts his "psychic" ability to work investigating the death of a sorority pledge in a "haunted" mental facility. Meanwhile, Juliet goes undercov...

Season 1. Episode 14

Henry's friend refuses to report his son, Brandon, missing after the son steals 30,000 dollars. Shawn agrees to help locate the son, and finds out that Brandon has been involved...

Season 1. Episode 13

After Shawn springs Gus from a corporate retreat he must then arrange to probe the disappearance of a local tennis star.

Season 1. Episode 12

A local weatherman is found dead the morning after a tryst and his lover is charged with his murder despite her claims of innocence. Shawn is intrigued and becomes a defense con...

Season 1. Episode 11

Shawn gets a case involving a naked man who claims he was abducted by aliens. Shawn's investigation introduces him to the strange world of speed dating.

Season 1. Episode 10

When Lassiter doubts his own crime-solving ability, Shawn tries to boost his confidence by helping him solve an astronomer's mysterious death.

Season 1. Episode 9

Shawn investigates when a forgetful family friend claims to have solved an old murder case, which may be linked to a more recent killing.

Season 1. Episode 8

Shawn and Gus sneak into a comic book convention, posing as the assistants of the convention's featured guest George Takei, to locate a missing teenager.

Season 1. Episode 7

Shawn and Gus must investigate a man's claim that a ghost is attempting to kill him. While Juliet and Lassiter investigate a psychologist killing.

Season 1. Episode 6

Shawn and Gus attend a Civil War reenactment where a fake death turns out to be a little too real.

Season 1. Episode 5

In order for Shawn to continue his investigation into a suicide that he believes is a murder, he pretends to get clues from the victim's cat.

Season 1. Episode 4

While looking for the stolen cash of a thief, Shawn is asked to talk to a spirit and help the widow of the thief.

Season 1. Episode 3

Shawn and Gus become wedding crashers at a posh ceremony in order to retrieve a stolen antique engagement ring inexplicably taken from an impenetrable vault under surveillance; ...

Season 1. Episode 2

When what begins as a little competitive sabotage in a regional spelling bee quickly escalates to murder. Shawn and Gus must investigate the mysterious death of the "Spellmaster...

Season 1. Episode 1

After being arrested for calling in an accurate tip to the police while pretending to be a psychic, Shawn Spencer opens up a detective agency called Psych Investigations with hi...