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A software genius and an ex-CIA operative work together to prevent violent crimes before they can happen. - Person of Interest Streaming

Year started: 2011
Stars: Jim Caviezel  Taraji P. Henson  Kevin Chapman 
Creators: Jonathan Nolan 
IMDB rating: 8.3
Categories: P

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Episode list

Season 4. Episode 12

Control, who oversees the handling of relevant numbers for the government, begins to question the methods and intentions of the Samaritan program. Meanwhile, alarming news repor...

Season 4. Episode 11

Samaritan launches a cyber-attack on the stock exchange, leaving the team with no choice but to embark on a possible suicide mission in a desperate attempt to stop a global econ...

Season 4. Episode 10

In hope of forcing the machine into a meeting, Samaritan takes control of New York and erases crime.

Season 4. Episode 9

Finch and Reese end up caught in a struggle for control of the city's gangs.

Season 4. Episode 8

To keep tabs on a talented young officer, Reese volunteers as a police academy instructor.

Season 4. Episode 7

Shaw joins a team of thieves from all over the world; Root and Finch go on a sabotage mission.

Season 4. Episode 6

An office worker accidentally becomes involved in a conspiracy while moonlighting as a detective.

Season 4. Episode 5

A political pollster's predictions uncharacteristically fail as he becomes a person of interest.

Season 4. Episode 4

When siblings Reese is protecting become targets of a gang investigation, Reese's job is at risk.

Season 4. Episode 3

Finch asks Fusco to stay close to the latest person of interest; a mysterious errand.

Season 4. Episode 2

A brilliant college student is involved with a mysterious scavenger hunt.

Season 4. Episode 1

Having taken on new identities provided by Root, the team members try to adapt to their new lives.

Season 3. Episode 23

The third series ends with the team desperately trying to keep Samaritan from coming online and destroying them. Meanwhile, the battle with Vigilance reaches its climax.

Season 3. Episode 22

A mysterious force prevents the Machine from being able to fully predict a fatal event, so it adjusts by sending the team five separate numbers to investigate. Elsewhere, Root's...

Season 3. Episode 21

As Decima uses Samaritan’s feeds to hunt Reese and Shaw, Greer exploits Finch’s greatest weakness in an attempt to lure him out of hiding: his love for his former fiancée, ...

Season 3. Episode 20

Reese goes undercover as a Secret Service agent in order to protect a U.S. congressman who may play a pivotal role in the plan to bring down Decima's second Machine.

Season 3. Episode 19

In order to protect the latest person of interest, Shaw and Reese go under cover at a high school reunion; Fusco and Finch go to Washington, D.C., to investigate Vigilance's mos...

Season 3. Episode 18

When Reese and Finch have to protect a former government contractor who is following a UN diplomat, they are thrust into the murky waters of international politics.

Season 3. Episode 17

Root looks for a janitor with a mysterious past, but when her presence puts him in danger, Finch is sent after the same man.

Season 3. Episode 16

Secrets of Finch's pre-Reese operation are revealed -- including surprising ties to current events.

Season 3. Episode 15

Finch infiltrates an emergency call center to keep tabs on a 911 operator, but he quickly learns that the case is more complicated than he originally thought.

Season 3. Episode 14

Reese comes back to New York; surprising events lead to the team planning a heist that could send them all to jail.

Season 3. Episode 13

Reese boards an international flight in an attempt to leave the team for good, but he soon realizes that his travel plans have been manipulated.

Season 3. Episode 12

Multiple enemies target the team as they try to protect a dying man; Reese's absence could lead to catastrophic repercussions.

Season 3. Episode 11

A series of flashbacks to Finch's teen years provide insight into his creation of the Machine. Meanwhile, a dying man's number comes up; and Reese strikes out on his own.

Season 3. Episode 10

As the team seeks justice for Carter's death, Finch fears one team member will go too far; the number of one of HR's key players comes up in the machine.

Season 3. Episode 9

The battle to bring a crime organization to justice reaches a new level; Reese's number comes up in the machine.

Season 3. Episode 8

Finch receives 38 numbers at once, which turn out to be connected to a mysterious person who is instigating a major conflict between HR and the Russian mob. Meanwhile, Carter's ...

Season 3. Episode 7

The team keep tabs on a hypnotherapist whose number has come up. Elsewhere, Carter goes after an antiquities dealer who has an HR connection.

Season 3. Episode 6

Shaw reluctantly accepts an assignment to tail a 10-year-old girl whose number has come up, but she eventually grows to admire the girl's surveillance skills. Elsewhere, Carter'...

Season 3. Episode 5

Shaw reluctantly accepts an assignment to tail a 10-year-old girl whose number has come up, but she eventually grows to admire the girl's surveillance skills. Elsewhere, Carter'...

Season 3. Episode 4

The team must figure out if a prominent lawyer orchestrated the murder of her husband or if she is being framed; Carter spots her new partner with Reese.

Season 3. Episode 3

Finch and Reese ask Zoe Morgan, Carter and Shaw to help them determine if a playboy is a predator or a target; Root plots an escape from the psych ward with the help of the mach...

Season 3. Episode 2

Reese tries to protect an Internet entrepreneur who targets people's privacy; Carter is paired with a rookie partner.

Season 3. Episode 1

Reese and Shaw struggle to find a naval officer among all those in town for Fleet Week; Carter puts a plan in motion to get rid of those who set her up; Root tests her new surro...

Season 2. Episode 22

When the machine goes offline, Finch and Reese seek help from unexpected allies.

Season 2. Episode 21

The Machine is affected by a virus that causes it to put out erratic numbers. Meanwhile, the team look for an elusive tech millionaire; and Det. Carter works to bring down Cal B...

Season 2. Episode 20

A medical luminary is poisoned, and Finch and Reese must work quickly to determine the toxin's origin and find the attacker. Elsewhere, an informant gives the Internal Affairs B...

Season 2. Episode 19

Finch infiltrates a tech corporation to gather intel on an executive whose number has come up; Carter questions Beecher's integrity.

Season 2. Episode 18

Finch and Reese head to Atlantic City to protect the latest person of interest, an elderly gambler; Carter tries to clear another detective's name.

Season 2. Episode 17

As Finch and Reese try to protect six people simultaneously, clues lead them to a coastal town; when a storm forces Finch and Reese to seek shelter in a police station with a gr...

Season 2. Episode 16

The latest POI -- a deadly yet sexy government operative (Sarah Shahi) who tackles terrorist threats -- proves difficult for Reese and Finch to protect.

Season 2. Episode 15

Reese and Finch try to save a hotel maid's life, but the number of suspects proves to be overwhelming. Meanwhile, Carter gets an offer to join the FBI.

Season 2. Episode 14

Reese and Finch struggle to maintain their anonymity while protecting a tech billionaire whose resources rival their own and threaten to sabotage their efforts to save his life.

Season 2. Episode 13

Reese is captured by a former acquaintance planning a massive and potentially deadly act of cyber-warfare.

Season 2. Episode 12

Carter tries to help Reese by engaging in mental warfare with the FBI; Reese has encounters with old and new enemies; Detective Fusco must protect supermodel Karolina Kurkova, t...

Season 2. Episode 11

Finch goes under cover to protect a youth who reminds him of himself; Carter goes on a dangerous mission for the FBI.

Season 2. Episode 10

As the FBI pursues "the man in the suit,'' Reese is even more determined to protect the latest person of interest after learning she is the sister of a soldier who was killed in...

Season 2. Episode 9

inch and Reese’s surveillance skills are pushed to the limit when a New York City cab driver’s number comes up and any one of his passengers could be involved in the impendi...

Season 2. Episode 8

The team is spread thin when a husband and wife’s numbers both come up

Season 2. Episode 7

A resourceful third party raises the stakes as Finch and Reese try to protect their latest person of interest, a brilliant surgeon.

Season 2. Episode 6

Reese takes on an undercover assignment in a suburban neighborhood.

Season 2. Episode 5

Reese is tasked with protecting a reporter, but he must do so on the sly so she doesn't start investigating him.

Season 2. Episode 4

Reese and Finch face an ethical dilemma when the Machine gives them the number of a mob enforcer who's in danger. Meanwhile, Finch gets help from an unlikely ally.

Season 2. Episode 3

Reese is charged with protecting a Brazilian diplomat's daughter.

Season 2. Episode 2

A cold case leads Reese closer to finding Finch and his kidnapper.

Season 2. Episode 1

In the Season 2 opener, Carter and Fusco search for Finch while Reese gets a new number from the Machine.

Season 1. Episode 23

A psychologist is in trouble, and the FBI closes in on Reese in the Season 1 finale.

Season 1. Episode 22

A government conspiracy endangers a person of interest.

Season 1. Episode 21

It’s Reese’s birthday, and Finch gifts him with a day off – especially when he realizes that The Machine’s latest number is sure to revive painful memories

Season 1. Episode 20

Reese goes undercover with an armored-truck crew, and reflects on his last mission for the CIA.

Season 1. Episode 19

The Machine produces five numbers linked to New York's crime families, which prompts Reese and Finch to suspect that Elias has plans for his competition

Season 1. Episode 18

A person with a double-life becomes a person of interest.

Season 1. Episode 17

A 6-month-old baby becomes a person of interest, and an old nemesis resurfaces.

Season 1. Episode 16

Reese assumes the persona of a wealthy investor to get close to a trader at an investment bank who has become a person of interest.

Season 1. Episode 15

Reese must infiltrate the ranks of a smuggling ring to get close to the latest person of interest.

Season 1. Episode 14

Reese tries to protect a teen who wants to avenge his brother's murder.

Season 1. Episode 13

Zoe resurfaces and helps Reese with a case involving an unlucky person of interest.

Season 1. Episode 12

When Carter finally comes face-to-face with Reese, he urges her to join forces to help with their latest POI, a scrappy young woman from the wrong side of the tracks who turned ...

Season 1. Episode 11

Reese works the computer while Finch does the legwork with their latest POI, a building super who keeps too close an eye on his tenants. Meanwhile, Detective Carter may finally ...

Season 1. Episode 10

The Machine produces four numbers, baffling Reese and Finch

Season 1. Episode 9

Det. Carter becomes a person of interest, and Reese and Finch must protect her without exposing themselves.

Season 1. Episode 8

Reese and Finch shadow a spy who uses Cold War-era relics

Season 1. Episode 7

A school teacher who witnessed a mob hit is in need of protection

Season 1. Episode 6

Reese is captivated by their newest POI – a beautiful, shrewd and remarkably resourceful woman.

Season 1. Episode 5

A tough-on-crime judge becomes a person of interest

Season 1. Episode 4

A young doctor becomes a person of interest.

Season 1. Episode 3

In order to save a former Marine, Reese must infiltrate a gang.

Season 1. Episode 2

When they are given the Social Security number of a teenager who was killed two years ago, Reese and Finch begin to question the infallibility of The Machine. Meanwhile, Finch f...

Season 1. Episode 1

When the social security number of a young prosecutor comes up, Reese and Finch work together to figure out if their person of interest is the victim or perpetrator, on the seri...