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Off Their Rockers

Off Their Rockers is a hidden camera series that sees senior citizens attempting to turn the tables on unsuspecting members of the public in different hilarious and unexpected pranks. - Off Their Rockers Streaming

Year started: 2013
Stars: Gillian Aldam   Rosie Bannister  Keith Bayross 
Creators: Tim van Aelst 
IMDB rating: 7.5
Categories: O

Episode list

Season 2. Episode 5

Fitness expert Bob Harper joins Betty and the pranksters.

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Season 1. Episode 6

Senior stunts include two nuns trying to raise funds for breast awareness; an oldster making alterations on a store shirt; a man insulting a security guard; and a prankster secu...

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Season 1. Episode 5

A woman claims she's a young girl's grandmother, and a senior with a radar gun scolds speedy walkers. Also: a mirthless mail carrier; and a determined flight attendant.

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Season 1. Episode 3

Senior pranks include an oldster writing a lusty text message. Also: A senior petitions that only attractive people can reproduce; a flight attendant with a hangover grumbles ab...

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Season 1. Episode 2

Seniors pull pranks involving pouring out a late spouse's ashes and issuing tickets for nonsensical violations.

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Season 1. Episode 1

Ahhh senior citizens: blue-haired, discount card-holding pensioners slowly winding down through their golden years. So sweet, so kind, so.. out of control and outrageous!

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