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Nikita is a trained assassin gone rogue trying to stop a secret U.S. agency known only as Division from recruiting deeply troubled teenagers and training them to be assassins. - Nikita Streaming

Year started: 2010
Stars: Maggie Q  Shane West  Lyndsy Fonseca 
Creators: Craig Silverstein 
IMDB rating: 7.6
Categories: N

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Episode list

Season 4. Episode 6

The series concludes with Nikita seeking revenge against MDK. She captures Jones and forces him to give her the names of MDK members. Michael tracks her down and tries to get he...

Season 4. Episode 5

Ryan reveals a secret that could derail Nikita's plans to be free of The Shop; Michael contemplates the future; a loan shark goes after Sam.

Season 4. Episode 4

Jones benches Amanda and takes back control of the operation and offers her and the team complete freedom by wiping away their identities and faking their deaths if they will wa...

Season 4. Episode 3

Tension escalates between the U.S. and Pakistan after Amanda plants evidence that Pakistan hired Nikita to kill the president. Meanwhile, Ryan suspects that Amanda kidnapped Bir...

Season 4. Episode 2

Amanda makes doubles of VIPs with the Shop's help; and Nikita discovers that one of the doubles is the FBI director. Meanwhile, Alex holds Sam at gunpoint and demands that he re...

Season 4. Episode 1

ramed for assassinating the president, Nikita is alone and on the run until she is unexpectedly reunited with her team.

Season 3. Episode 22

Amanda's final plan forces Nikita into a dangerous situation where she must choose between saving Michael or herself.

Season 3. Episode 21

Michael questions Nikita's commitment to a normal life; the team feels threatened by Amanda and her mysterious new partners; Alex receives an intriguing offer.

Season 3. Episode 20

A mutinous agent guided by Amanda steals the black box from the wreckage of Division; an arms dealer helps Nikita, Alex and Michael stage a daring operation in hope of regaining...

Season 3. Episode 19

Alex reverts to her old ways in the wake of the tragic events at Division. Meanwhile, Nikita and Michael try to evaluate the damage and see what can be salvaged before the presi...

Season 3. Episode 18

Nikita is drugged and subjected to Amanda's mental-conditioning process. Meanwhile, Birkhoff and Sean attempt to save the women they love.

Season 3. Episode 17

Owen begins to unlock the secrets from his past, with help from Amanda. Meanwhile, Alex tells Birkhoff that she wants to leave Division.

Season 3. Episode 16

Nikita and Michael learn about a new prosthetic hand that could help Michael return to his old self, but it comes at a steep price. Meanwhile, Alex and Sean try to discover who ...

Season 3. Episode 15

Amanda offers to release Alex in exchange for Ari; Alex befriends another prisoner and promises to help her escape.

Season 3. Episode 14

Amanda offers to release Alex in exchange for Ari; Alex befriends another prisoner and promises to help her escape.

Season 3. Episode 13

Nikita and Amanda are captured by Stefan's bodyguard and are forced to work together to escape. Meanwhile, Owen becomes furious with Michael, after Michael assigns Alex to be Ni...

Season 3. Episode 12

Nikita and Owen try to catch Ari before the FBI does; Ari reveals that Amanda is working with a terrorist; Ryan considers paying Ari a bribe.

Season 3. Episode 11

Amanda frames Sean for the CIA director's murder, and he is taken into custody, but Nikita vows to free him. Unfortunately, her risky plan could save him or cost him his life.

Season 3. Episode 10

Michael gives up his position as a field agent and goes back to running operations inside Division; a secret mission takes Nikita into dangerous territory.

Season 3. Episode 9

A rogue agent kidnaps his girlfriend; Michael sends Owen into the field with Nikita; Sean makes a decision.

Season 3. Episode 8

Nikita and Owen face off against a rogue “cleaner” named Liam, while Michael takes a new position at Division. Michael and Nikita’s relationship becomes strained as he w...

Season 3. Episode 7

Nikita learns that Sonya is Amanda's mole; Michael confronts Alex about her drug use.

Season 3. Episode 6

Nikita and Michael capture Cyrus, an arms dealer, who is purchasing a weapon-jamming device for Ari.

Season 3. Episode 5

Nikita tries to capture a former undercover Division agent, who was recently elected president of Uzbekistan, when he visits the U.S.

Season 3. Episode 4

Amanda sends a rogue Division agent, Anne to spring Owen from a Russian prison, but Owen manages to escape her clutches and sends a message to Nikita that he’s free. When Ni...

Season 3. Episode 3

When Ryan tells Nikita an undercover agent has been arrested and they need to extract her from prison, Nikita questions why Division is continuing to run Percy’s old missions.

Season 3. Episode 2

Nikita tries to rescue a brainwashed girl before she can detonate a bomb aimed at a high-level target.

Season 3. Episode 1

The third season begins with Ryan and Nikita taking charge of Division. Their first mission is to bring in the "Dirty Thirty," a group of rogue agents who failed to respond to D...

Season 2. Episode 23

The second season concludes with Nikita and Michael invading Division to capture Percy. Meanwhile, Alex and Sean get caught in a gun battle with U.S. Marines; and Ryan tries to ...

Season 2. Episode 22

Percy calls the U.S. president and threatens to detonate a nuclear weapon unless his demands are met.

Season 2. Episode 21

Ryan suggests getting help from the director of the CIA to halt Percy's nuclear-weapons plan, but Nikita is opposed to the idea. Meanwhile, Sean is shot by Percy's men, which sh...

Season 2. Episode 20

A plot to bankrupt Percy backfires, and Percy snatches Birkhoff's life savings instead. Birkhoff is then arrested by the FBI while trying to retrieve it, and Nikita needs to fre...

Season 2. Episode 19

Nikita is captured and tortured by a man she helped put in prison several years earlier. Meanwhile, Percy continues to play mind games with Michael, Alex and Sean, pushing one o...

Season 2. Episode 18

Amanda and Ari set up a board meeting with Zetrov and prepare to take over the company, and Nikita recalls what Amanda was like when she was first brought to Division. Meanwhile...

Season 2. Episode 17

Michael learns a secret that Cassandra kept from him, so he and Nikita travel to Moscow to confront her. Meanwhile, Alex makes one last attempt to find her mother by sending out...

Season 2. Episode 16

Division agents are assassinated one by one, and Amanda realizes that Percy is behind the murders. She reluctantly asks Nikita for help in exchange for Ryan.

Season 2. Episode 15

Carla recalls the night Nikita was arrested, which leads Nikita to some surprising conclusions. Meanwhile, Alex announces at a Zetrov press conference that she is Alexandra Udinov.

Season 2. Episode 14

Nikita tries to save her mentor from being killed by Percy in his attempt to take control of Division. Meanwhile, Amanda tells Alex it is time for her to take back Zetrov.

Season 2. Episode 13

Nikita must choose between saving Oversight hostages or taking down the Guardians. And Sean needs Nikita, Michael and Alex to save his mother, who's also being held by Percy.

Season 2. Episode 12

Sean attacks Nikita and Michael in order to protect his mother. Meanwhile, Percy threatens to destroy Division unless Amanda releases him.

Season 2. Episode 11

Alex infiltrates her childhood home and faces ghosts from her past. Meanwhile, Nikita tries to steal Semak's black box and accidentally runs into Alex; and Michael attempts to u...

Season 2. Episode 10

With Michael (Shane West) out of town, Nikita (Maggie Q) turns to Owen (guest star Devon Sawa) to help her track down and steal another black box from a Guardian. Unfortunately,...

Season 2. Episode 9

Nikita steals Oversight money to force a meeting where she and Birkhoff can identify its members, but Birkhoff is captured and tortured when he refuses to reveal where Nikita is...

Season 2. Episode 8

Cassandra is in danger when Tupelov accuses her of stealing millions and threatens to kill her, and Michael rushes off to rescue her; and Alex receives an offer from Percy that ...

Season 2. Episode 7

Ryan has secrets to give Nikita regarding how Oversight is funded, but Amanda intercepts the messages between Ryan and Nikita, and Nikita and Michael race to get Ryan out of pri...

Season 2. Episode 6

Birkoff finds Nikita's birth certificate, and Michael and Nikita find Nikita's father, but it's not the reunion she had hoped for; and Percy reveals to Alex that the black box N...

Season 2. Episode 5

Michael discovers Cassandra, a woman he once romanced under Division orders, is in danger. Feeling guilty for how things ended, he wants to help her but Nikita (Maggie Q) suspec...

Season 2. Episode 4

Nikita is stunned when she hears that her old Division partner Kelly (guest star Katheryn Winnick) escaped from a Turkish prison. Nikita thought Kelly died years ago and always ...

Season 2. Episode 3

The Black Box secrets reveal that a terrorist whom Nikita captured years ago has been working for Division; and Nikita foils Amanda's plan of getting Alex to carry out an assass...

Season 2. Episode 2

Nikita and Michael probe a corrupt Division program and reunite with Owen, who is looking for Dr. Mars (John Ralston), the program's mastermind. Mars also created the Regimen dr...

Season 2. Episode 1

Nikita and Michael plot to take down Division and Oversight and are prepared to use the contents of the black box to do so.

Season 1. Episode 22

In the Season 1 finale, Percy makes his final attempt to take control of the CIA. Meanwhile, Alex goes rogue, and Nikita's life is in danger, but Michael can't save her because ...

Season 1. Episode 21

Nikita kidnaps a CIA cryptographer capable of decrypting the black boxes in order to protect him. Meanwhile, Percy goes after Alex

Season 1. Episode 20

A black-box guardian's life is in danger after Michael discovers she has neglected her duty in favor of having a family. Elsewhere, Nathan is stuck in the middle of an argument ...

Season 1. Episode 19

Nikita fears for Alex's safety and concocts a plan for her to leave Division. But before the pair can act, Alex is sent on a mission to prevent a foreign president's son from di...

Season 1. Episode 18

Nikita goes to London with Owen, who has information about one of Percy's black boxes; Percy orders Michael to kill Nikita; Amanda makes Alex submit to a lie detector test.

Season 1. Episode 17

Michael confronts Nikita and threatens to reveal a secret if she doesn't find the person who killed his family.

Season 1. Episode 16

Amanda sedates Alex and interrogates her; Nikita tries to help Alex but is double-crossed; Michael asks Birkhoff to investigate Alex.

Season 1. Episode 15

While on a mission, Alex runs into a person from her past; after Alex gets into trouble, Nikita tries to help.

Season 1. Episode 14

Nikita reluctantly assumes a past alter ego to stop a dangerous new weapon from coming into the U.S.; Alex's new life is interfered with.

Season 1. Episode 13

Alex and Nikita plot to derail Alex's first mission, the assassination of the Prince of Georgia; Nikita puts her trust in the wrong person causing Division to be alerted to her ...

Season 1. Episode 12

Alex, now an agent, moves into a new apartment and receives a cover job; Ryan is stunned when Nikita reveals a secret.

Season 1. Episode 11

Alex is uneasy when she is asked to kill the leader of a crime syndicate; Birkhoff discovers the program a Division mole has been using to connect with Nikita.

Season 1. Episode 10

Owen and Nikita try to help a CIA agent after he is framed for an assassination in Chile; Alex sees a new side of Percy.

Season 1. Episode 9

Michael and Nikita work together to kill a terrorist who murdered Michael's family; Alex tries to cover when she is caught going through medical files.

Season 1. Episode 8

Thom is asked to eliminate Anna, a woman who was having an affair with a U.S. senator; Alex helps Nikita reach out to Anna's parents.

Season 1. Episode 7

Alex informs Nikita that one of the recruits has been activated to carry out a suicide mission.

Season 1. Episode 6

Terrorists attack a bus full of Division recruits and kidnap Alex and Thom; after Nikita earns his trust, Owen reveals devastating news about her fiance.

Season 1. Episode 5

Division's secrets are at risk of being revealed when an operative (Devon Sawa) becomes a fugitive after escaping from a bank robbery; Alex sneaks into Percy's office and is bus...

Season 1. Episode 4

Michael helps Nikita during a mission; Alex has a panic attack during basic training.

Season 1. Episode 3

Nikita rescues a journalist trying to expose a conspiracy; Michael and Percy suspect Birkhoff is Nikita's mole; Jaden, Alex and Thom help Michael find his latest target.

Season 1. Episode 2

Nikita tries to interfere with Division's protective custody of a Slavic leader wanted for war crimes, but is thwarted by a band of mercenaries with the same objective. Meanwhil...

Season 1. Episode 1

A spy returns to exact revenge on the clandestine agency that betrayed her after training her to be an assassin. In the pilot episode, Nikita (Maggie Q) emerges from three years...