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In addition to fighting evil, Superman has a burning romance with Lois Lane in both his identities. - Lois and Clark Streaming

Year started: 1993
Stars: Dean Cain  Teri Hatcher  Eddie Jones 
Creators: Joe Shuster  Jerry Siegel 
IMDB rating: 6.6
Categories: L

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Episode list

Season 4. Episode 22

An angry villain with mind-control powers kidnaps Clark and Lois's parents, threatening to kill them unless Superman does what he says; meanwhile, Lois and Clark try to find out...

Season 4. Episode 21

As Lois and Clark try to stop an angry toymaker from kidnapping children, Perry's "Lonely Hearts" ad gets interesting results.

Season 4. Episode 20

Trying to escape the mob, a criminal uses a crystal to swap bodies with Clark (Only later realising that he's now Superman), leaving Clark desperate to convince Lois of his true...

Season 4. Episode 19

After learning that Leslie is Luthor's son, the situation becomes even more difficult when he and Luthor- now posing as 'Mr Smith' discover Superman's secret identity.

Season 4. Episode 18

In the second part of this arc, we learn that Leslie Luckabee and a mysterious underground troll-like villian are planning to recreate Lex Luthor's empire. Meanwhile, Superman m...

Season 4. Episode 17

This episode is the first of a three part arc in which Leslie Luckabee is introduced. Leslie takes over ownership of the Daily Planet, and a mysterious "Super Vixen" takes the l...

Season 4. Episode 16

Jimmy's girlfriend thinks she knows Superman's true identity. Meanwhile, Superman must stop a villain with a tough new weapon - a villain who happens to be Jimmy's girlfriend's ...

Season 4. Episode 15

Tempus has banished Clark into a dimensional window, causing the older H.G. Wells to show up with the other-dimension Clark to save the day and save the world from Tempus's evil.

Season 4. Episode 14

Tempus shows up in Metropolis as "John Doe," and he is winning the presidential race! Clark and Lois are the only ones who can see what's really going on, but will they stop him...

Season 4. Episode 13

A photographer catches Lois and Superman in compromising positions at a resort... what will the world say when they hear Superman is having an affair?

Season 4. Episode 12

Perry White's "reformed" son Jerry comes to Metropolis with a stash of Red Kryptonite. Meanwhile, "Mr. Gadget" and son have plans of their own.

Season 4. Episode 11

Christmas Eve is happening over and over again, and the people of Metropolis begin losing hope. Can Lois and Clark stop an imp from the "Fifth Dimension," best known as "Mr. Mxy...

Season 4. Episode 10

Perry gets "moved upstairs" and the Daily Planet gets a new editor--Lois! This causes tension between Metropolis's prettiest pair, and it isn't helped when a spoiled rich kid ha...

Season 4. Episode 9

A con artist tries to scare Lois and Clark with fake hauntings in an attempt to buy their house. The ghost of a dead woman who lived in Lois and Clark's house years ago enters o...

Season 4. Episode 8

Lois and Clark finally make new friends... Bob and Carol Stanford... who seem as much like them it's uncanny. They like the same books, the same foods, have the same hobbies... ...

Season 4. Episode 7

Lois is sentenced to death, but Clark busts her out as the two work together on the run to find who is behind her framing.

Season 4. Episode 6

One of Lois's former informants is murdered... and guess who gets caught with the gun?

Season 4. Episode 5

Dr. Veda Doodsen gets her revenge on the men who marry younger women by creating a device steals the youth from people, which she can then transfers to another person. Unfortuna...

Season 4. Episode 4

On their wedding night, Lois and Clark are interrupted by H.G. Wells, who says that before they consumate their marriage, they must go back in time to break a curse laid on them...

Season 4. Episode 3

The "Wedding Destroyer" escapes from prison and Lois and Clark are her next targets! Meanwhile, sleazy tabloid reporter Leo Nunk is following Lois and Clark looking for a scoop....

Season 4. Episode 2

In a desperate attempt to stop Lord Nor, Superman clashes with his adversary in a duel, while Lois tries to stop a renegade general from using krpytonite against Nor

Season 4. Episode 1

Clark has left Earth for New Krypton, but before he can get there the evil Lord Nor comes to Earth and takes over the planet. He makes his first move at Smallville, with his nex...

Season 3. Episode 22

After being approved in Zara and Ching's tests, Superman learns that they want him to leave the Earth (and Lois) and go back with them to rule New Krypton, or the planet will be...

Season 3. Episode 21

While discussing buying a house with Lois, Superman is put through various tests by the mysterious Zara and Ching.

Season 3. Episode 20

While attending Lois's high school reunion, a former classmate begins to shrink the spouses of the others, with Clark being her next target.

Season 3. Episode 19

With Lois now believing herself to be in love with her doctor, Clark and Perry's attempts to tell her the truth are hampered by Bad Brain Johnson's brother Herkimer, who has cre...

Season 3. Episode 18

When a doctor in the clinic where Lois is staying begins to brainwash his patients to commit murder, Clark must not only stop the doctor before Lois becomes his next 'assassin',...

Season 3. Episode 17

With the Lois-clone now on his side, Clark races to find Luthor and Lois before Luthor can convince Lois to kill him and leave Metropolis forever.

Season 3. Episode 16

With Lois having been replaced by a clone, captured by Lex Luthor, and suffering from amnesia, it becomes a race against time for Clark to track her down before she is killed by...

Season 3. Episode 15

As their wedding rapidly approaches, Lois and Clark find themselves investigating a bizarre story about the President of the United States being replaced by a frog-eating clone.

Season 3. Episode 14

When Lois is transferred to an alternate universe where she is dead, Perry is running for Mayor against Tempus and Clark isn't Superman, she must work with H. G. Wells to return...

Season 3. Episode 13

Jimmy's father- a spy- returns to Metropolis, prompting Clark to confront his own fears about his ability to be a parent.

Season 3. Episode 12

A magician is out for revenge on several people in Metropolis, including Clark; meanwhile, Lois' mother takes over plans for the wedding.

Season 3. Episode 11

When Superman is infected with a kryptonite virus, the only possible cure is to stop his heart, in the hope that the virus will 'die' if it believes he is already dead.

Season 3. Episode 10

Lex Luthor's estranged son traps Lois and Clark in a virtual world where Clark has no superpowers.

Season 3. Episode 9

Lois and Clark must put their wedding plans on hold to investigate a Nazi organization which is trying to take over Metropolis.

Season 3. Episode 8

When a woman claims to have had Superman's child, Clark insists that she's lying, but Lois is uncertain what to believe when the child picks up a sofa during her interview with ...

Season 3. Episode 7

he latest use of red kryptonite results in Clark's powers being transferred to Lois, forcing her to assume a costumed identity to deal with the problem.

Season 3. Episode 6

An eccentric old couple with a passion for collecting rare objects attempt to add Superman to their collection.

Season 3. Episode 5

An undercover investigation into the Larry Smiley marriage institute gives Lois and Clark the perfect opportunity to work on their own relationship.

Season 3. Episode 4

Trying to make Clark jealous, Lois dates an old friend, but it is soon revealed that he is planning to use her in a Druidic sacrifice.

Season 3. Episode 3

Lois's apparent abduction by aliens is revealed to be the work of a crooked executive attempting to keep Superman occupied.

Season 3. Episode 2

On Perry's insistence, Lois and Clark take time out on an island resort to work on their relationship, but their attempts to relax are hampered by Spencer Spencer, owner of the ...

Season 3. Episode 1

As Lois and Clark try to come to terms with Lois's discovery of his secret, Bill Church's attempts to go straight are hampered by his new wife and his son.

Season 2. Episode 22

Having discovered Tempus' diary, a criminal attempts to blackmail Superman into killing Lois Lane, or he will kill Clark's parents. Clark finally summons the courage to ask for ...

Season 2. Episode 21

After saving a musician, Superman finds himself in court when the musician attempts to sue Superman for breaking his arm, resulting in a mass of similar cases.

Season 2. Episode 20

No description

Season 2. Episode 19

wo women have come up with a process that allows them to control minds, and Jimmy has been selected as their 'trial run'.

Season 2. Episode 18

Lois and Clark and brought back to the past by H. G. Wells in an attempt to stop the time-travelling villain Tempus from killing the infant Superman.

Season 2. Episode 17

As a scientist develops a pill to resurrect deceased criminals, Lois and Clark try to find out who killed ADA Mayson Drake, with the help of a DEA agent, Dan Scardino.

Season 2. Episode 16

Lois and Clark's second attempt at a first date is hampered not only by Lois's fears about what a relationship would do to their friendship, but also by the discovery that Jimmy...

Season 2. Episode 15

Having escaped from prison, the Prankster sets his sights higher than just tormenting Lois; he wishes to kidnap the President of the United States.

Season 2. Episode 14

When investigative journalist and Intergang assassin Diana Stride discovers Superman's secret identity and kisses him while wearing kryptonite lipstick, Superman is rushed to ho...

Season 2. Episode 13

Lois and Clark's first date is hampered by the recent resurrection of Lex Luthor thanks to Doctor Gretchen Kelly.

Season 2. Episode 12

As two scientists try to capture Lois, they develop a machine that renders Superman blind, forcing Lois to take care of him until his sight returns.

Season 2. Episode 11

A Robin-Hood-style Ninja thief is stealing from the rich and giving to the poor in Chinatown, armed with bracelets that, by channeling the 'Chi' power, could enable the wearer t...

Season 2. Episode 10

Lois's sister Lucy has a new boyfriend, but unfortunately he's not only an ex-crook, he's an ex-crook who 'died' in a car accident and had his brain transplanted into a kryptoni...

Season 2. Episode 9

No description

Season 2. Episode 8

When Superman attempts to save a man from committing suicide, lightning strikes the two of them and gives the man powers equal to Superman's. Calling himself "Resplendent Man", ...

Season 2. Episode 7

A scientist accidentally clones the DNA of Al Capone, and regenerates the gangster in present-day Metropolis. Capone forces the doctor to recreate John Dillinger and Bonnie and ...

Season 2. Episode 6

A citywide blackout forces the Daily Planet to try to find a means to publish the paper without the help of modern technology. Lois and Clark discover the blackout was caused by...

Season 2. Episode 5

A new criminal organization, "Intergang", led by Bill Church, begins buying property is South Metropolis. Intergang uses thugs to vandalize the area to drive down the price, so ...

Season 2. Episode 4

Clark has to constantly look out for Lois' safety when someone begins sending her booby trapped gifts. It turns out that the culprit is an ex-con, known as the Prankster, out fo...

Season 2. Episode 3

Lois helps a worker expose the corruption of a corporation. She fails to protect her source from the corporation, and is subsequently suspended from the Daily Planet. Clark help...

Season 2. Episode 2

A man creates a weapon that emits a sound wave that puts people to sleep, and he uses it to help him commit crimes throughout Metropolis. The device also works on Superman. Lois...

Season 2. Episode 1

Lex Luthor's ex-wife, Arianna, arrives in Metropolis seeking revenge for Lex's death. Arianna creates a duplicate of Lois, using plastic surgery to alter the face of a willing s...

Season 1. Episode 21

As Lois prepares for her wedding day, Clark, Jimmy, Perry and Jack try and discover who really blew up the Daily Planet. Lex uses a kryptonite cage to trap Superman. Lois does n...

Season 1. Episode 20

Lex Luthor buys the Daily Planet, and proposes to Lois. Perry leaves the Planet when Lex hires Chip, a young man fresh out of college, to be his boss. Lois agrees to marry Lex, ...

Season 1. Episode 18

Lex Luthor creates a clone of Superman. At first the clone is used to do Superman's job for him, but he soon begins causing havoc around Metropolis. Superman confronts the clone...

Season 1. Episode 17

The Metropolis Star begins landing stories before the Daily Planet, with Linda King, an old rival of Lois', getting all the scoops. Clark investigates and discovers that the Met...

Season 1. Episode 16

A globe that Clark took from his spaceship, begins to project messages from his biological parents. A thief steals the globe and sells it to Lex Luthor. Clark tries to find the ...

Season 1. Episode 15

A fugitive, who was convicted of murder, stays at with Lois, who believes he is innocent. He also holds the ability to stop a new computer virus plaguing Metropolis. Jonathan mo...

Season 1. Episode 14

A magician uses his skills to kidnap children and ransom them. Lois and Clark try and track down the magician, but when Superman confronts the kidnapper, he is hypnotized into t...

Season 1. Episode 13

A scientist is killed, and Lois witnesses everything. The murderer comes after Lois to prevent her from writing her story. Clark and Perry work together to protect Lois from the...

Season 1. Episode 12

An asteroid heads toward Earth and Superman flies into space to stop it. The impact back on Earth causes him to lose his memory, forgetting how to use his own powers. Martha and...

Season 1. Episode 11

Lois and Clark investigate the illegal activity of a Congressman and an arms dealer, going undercover as a honeymooning couple. At the same time, they learn what it would be lik...

Season 1. Episode 10

A scientist and ex-lover of Lex Luthor's sprays the staff of the Daily Planet with a chemical that induces sexual attraction. Clark, not affected by the chemical, tries to find ...

Season 1. Episode 9

A heat wave in the winter causes the citizens of Metropolis to blame Superman's powers for their troubles. Superman promises to leave town, and leaves Lois to discover what is r...

Season 1. Episode 8

An EPA report goes out for Smallville, and Lois and Clark travel to Clark's home town to investigate. They discover that Bureau 39 is after kryptonite, wanting to use it to kill...

Season 1. Episode 7

Lex Luthor finances a scientist to create a drug that will grant the user super intelligence. The scientist tests it out on a group of orphaned children. The children escape the...

Season 1. Episode 6

Lois and Clark compete for the same story about arsonists setting fire to local nightclubs. Lois goes undercover as a singer, but is upstaged by Clark, who is posing as a barten...

Season 1. Episode 5

Clark and Lois are officially made partners, and sent to investigate why several boxers appear to have strength beyond that of mortal men. Lois and Clark discover that the men a...

Season 1. Episode 4

A scientist invents several suits that make the wearer invisible, and uses them to act as a modern day Robin Hood. Thieves steal the suits and use them for their own gain, and C...

Season 1. Episode 3

Is Superman faster than a speeding bullet? Is he more powerful than a locomotive? Can he leap tall buildings in a single bound? Lex Luthor wants to know, so he makes his own dis...

Season 1. Episode 2

Clark learns about his alien origins, and about a Federal agent who wants to kill Superman. The agent, part of a secret branch of the government called Bureau 39, interrogates L...

Season 1. Episode 1

Clark Kent is a super guy who has travelled the world, but his biggest dream is to someday write for the Daily Planet, one of the greatest newspapers in the world. To do this, C...