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Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami

Two of the Kardashian sisters go to Miami Beach for the summer to open a branch of their clothing boutique and to socialize and party. - Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami Streaming

Year started: 2009
Stars: Kourtney Kardashian  Khloé Kardashian  Kim Kardashian 
IMDB rating: 3.1
Categories: K

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Episode list

Season 2. Episode 10

Kourtney questions whether Scott should be in her life anymore.

Season 2. Episode 9

Kris visits and tells Scott to stay away from Kourtney; Khloe has to fire someone.

Season 2. Episode 8

Kourtney refuses to see Scott until he gets help with his drinking.

Season 2. Episode 7

Kim visits Miami to help Kourtney with the store and the baby.

Season 2. Episode 6

Kim attempts to reconnect with Kourtney; a Dash employee faces a serious medical conce

Season 2. Episode 5

Kourtney works out for a post-baby photo shoot, and the stress leads to a fight with Khloe.

Season 2. Episode 4

Kourtney tries to make Scott jealous; Khloe is annoyed with Rob and Lamar's close relationship.

Season 2. Episode 3

Khloe takes her innuendos about Scott being a sociopath too far.

Season 2. Episode 2

Kourtney learns that times have changed when old friends drop by for a good time.

Season 2. Episode 1

The sisters return to South Beach to revamp their boutique; Kourtney questions Khloé's focus and desire during a contentious photo shoot.

Season 1. Episode 8

After Kourtney discovers she is pregnant; she battles with the idea of becoming a mother.

Season 1. Episode 7

Kourtney and Khloe get lost in the Everglades while on a trip to Tampa. Also: Kourtney thinks she may be pregnant.

Season 1. Episode 6

D-A-S-H employee Carrie's modeling career is saved by Kourtney and Khloe studies the Spanish language to utilize it at the boutique.

Season 1. Episode 5

Kourtney's ex-boyfriend Scott makes a surprise visit; the sisters consider firing an employee.

Season 1. Episode 4

Kourtney goes on a boy crazy binge to forget about Scott; Khloe raises money for LGBT equality efforts by hosting a transsexual ``Khloe Kardashian Look-a-Like'' contest.

Season 1. Episode 3

Khloe holds auditions at the boutique to find a date for Kourtney; Kim visits her sisters and gets pressured into getting drunk.

Season 1. Episode 2

Khloe's job is threatened when she pulls out drugs on her radio show; Kourt accepts a lesbian's affections.

Season 1. Episode 1

Opening a store in Miami and performing her first radio show proves to be too much for Khloe, whose temper triggers a fight that threatens the future of D-A-S-H.