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Keeping Up with the Kardashians

A peek inside the exploits and privileged private lives of L.A.'s blended Kardashian-Jenner family, including sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloé. - Keeping Up with the Kardashians Streaming

Year started: 2007
Stars: Kourtney Kardashian  Khloé Kardashian  Kim Kardashian 
Creators: Eliot Goldberg  Ryan Seacrest 
IMDB rating: 2.4
Categories: K

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Episode list

Season 9. Episode 20

The days leading up to Kim and Kanye's wedding find the couple hosting an adventure for their close friends and family, which takes everyone from Paris to Italy.

Season 9. Episode 19

Kourtney surprises Scott with news of an unexpected third child; Scott shuts down.

Season 9. Episode 18

Kim and Kourtney work to find out what's going on with their sister; Kim moves out of Kris's house.

Season 9. Episode 17

Kourtney offers her services to decorate Khloe's house. Kris helps her mom.

Season 9. Episode 16

Kim connects with a young girl in a Thai orphanage. Brody and Brandon cheer up Khloe.

Season 9. Episode 15

Kendall and Kylie run off in Thailand. Khloé begins to crumble under pressure. Brody plots revenge.

Season 9. Episode 14

The family vacation to Thailand gets off to a bumpy start. Brody walks in on Kim taking a selfie.

Season 9. Episode 13

Khloé struggles with moving; Bruce attempts to bond with Brody; Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé head to N

Season 9. Episode 12

Kim and Khloe face off in the mud; Kris helps Kourtney shut down Scott's backyard plans.

Season 9. Episode 11

Kris and Kim arrive in Vienna. Kourt wants the moving date to their new house to be as delayed as it can be.

Season 9. Episode 10

Kris worries about Bruce getting lonely now that they are separated, and so she goes out of her way to make sure he has company; at the same time, Scott and Kourtney inherit a p...

Season 9. Episode 9

The family tries to figure out why Kourtney seems to lack emotion; at the same time, Khloé is slow to start packing after she accepts an offer on her house; and Kris goes above...

Season 9. Episode 8

Khloé makes a choice about her complicated relationship with Lamar; at the same time, Kourtney takes Scott to Arizona for a spa getaway; and Rob receives some worrisome news ab...

Season 9. Episode 7

As Kendall gets ready to turn 18, she makes plans to move out of the house; and Bruce plays off his upcoming birthday like it's no big deal. Meanwhile, Kourtney wants the family...

Season 9. Episode 6

Conclusion. The family gather in San Francisco to surprise Kim on her birthday, but she's in for an even bigger stunner from Kanye, who's planning to propose. Meanwhile, Scott t...

Season 9. Episode 5

Part 1 of 2. The family learn about a surprise Kanye West is planning for Kim's birthday; Kris is in full panic mode over Kim's house (or lack there of) situation; and Kourtney ...

Season 9. Episode 4

Khloé considers becoming roommates with Rob; Kris takes singing and dancing lessons in pursuit of her dreams of Broadway; and Kourtney decides to sneak off to Las Vegas to catc...

Season 9. Episode 3

Khloé is hurt by an interview; Kris gets Jonathan to sneak away from Kim; Scott takes up karate.

Season 9. Episode 2

Bruce and Kris Jenner discuss their future on the Season 9 opener, while, Khloe and Lamar's relationship continues to flounder.

Season 9. Episode 1

Kris and Bruce face decisions about their future together; Khloe's relationship with Lamar continues to change.

Season 8. Episode 21

The members of the Kardashian family shoot the annual Christmas card photo and exchange gifts.

Season 8. Episode 20

Kylie plans her sweet 16; Rob and Khloe discuss their current situation; Kris baby-sits a pig.

Season 8. Episode 19

Khloe distracts herself from troubles at home by hunting for aliens on a camping trip with Bruce; and Kris asks for her family's support as she prepares to launch her new talk s...

Season 8. Episode 18

Kim needs to deliver earlier than planned; Kris prepares for her new granddaughter; Brody gives Bruce advice; Khloe tries to make peace.

Season 8. Episode 17

Kim devises a plan to hide from paparazzi when she goes into labor. Khloe and Kourtney try to set up their grandmother on a blind date.

Season 8. Episode 16

Kim pushes Khloe to consider adoption; Kris suspects that Scott sold the scooter she gave; Bruce secretly trains Khloe's dog.

Season 8. Episode 15

Kourtney and Khloe can't believe that Kim doesn't want a baby shower; Kris and Kylie plot to get rid of Bruce's gun; Khloe gets self-conscious about her body.

Season 8. Episode 14

Kris is confused when Kendall starts spending more time with the Jenner side of the family; The kids attempt to embarrass Bruce by recreating his and Kris's lost sex tape; Khloe...

Season 8. Episode 13

Rob picks up a new hobby—chainsaw art—and he does it in Khloe's backyard. Elsewhere, Kim decides to pay back her family for being judgmental by secretly feeding them placent...

Season 8. Episode 12

Kris worries about a visit with Bruce's mom; Kim takes desperate measures to make Kylie's fashion blog; the family plans a surprise for Kris.

Season 8. Episode 11

Kris disagrees with Kendall's plan to find a beach house for the summer; Brandon and Brody start work on a putting green; Khloe worries about a sexy photoshoot.

Season 8. Episode 10

Scott shows up to Greece with only one day left; Kendall feels like she's being left out; a putting green at the Jenner home.

Season 8. Episode 9

Kris gets overly friendly with Brody; Khloe and Kourtney decide to make this vacation one to remember.

Season 8. Episode 8

Tensions between Kris and Brody threaten to spoil the families trip to Greece; Kim gets news about her divorce; Khloe and Scott plan a surprise for Kourtney.

Season 8. Episode 7

Kim's new house won't be ready in time for the baby; Scott and Kim spend more time with each other; Bruce and Brandon get competitive.

Season 8. Episode 6

Khloe feels left out when Kourtney and Kim bond over babies; Leah has trouble finishing her and Brandon's new music release; Kris becomes bladder shy.

Season 8. Episode 5

Kris worries about Rob's behavior; Khloe tries to figure out Kendall and Kylie's issues with each other; Scott's racing career is threatened.

Season 8. Episode 4

Bruce deals with his hearing loss; Scott learns of a woman with cancer who wants to meet him; Khloe introduces a new puppy to the family; and Kris is concerned that she might ha...

Season 8. Episode 3

Kris and Bruce have a disagreement over whether or not to have a gun in the house; Kim has a health scare while dealing with her divorce.

Season 8. Episode 2

Kim and Khloe defend their mother after rumors surface; Brody tries to open up to Bruce; Kim tried to help Rob lose weight.

Season 8. Episode 1

Kim's pregnancy brings joy to the family but Kim's behavior shows she may feel differently; Bruce and Kris contemplate getting Bruce his own space; Scott tries to convince Kourt...

Season 7. Episode 19

The family gather for a potluck, at which they recall some of their most outrageous moments and reveal never-before-seen clips.

Season 7. Episode 18

The family prepare to welcome Kourtney's new baby. Meanwhile, Khloe investigates why she can't conceive; and Kim starts the process to freeze her eggs.

Season 7. Episode 17

Scott considers getting a vasectomy; Kris undergoes surgery to replace her breast implants; Kim asks Khloe to go with her to a fertility clinic.

Season 7. Episode 16

Conclusion. Kim tries to work out issues with her sisters; Kendall and Kylie ask to be homeschooled; Kim joins Khloe and Lamar on a trip to Queens.

Season 7. Episode 15

Part 1 of 2. Oprah Winfrey visits to interview the Kardashian clan, and Rob breaks down during a family therapy session.

Season 7. Episode 14

Kris makes arrangements for her funeral; Kim learns that Khloe is her nephew's guardian.

Season 7. Episode 13

The girls urge Kris to visit her sick mother in San Diego; Kourtney investigates water birth; Bruce checks into a sleep clinic.

Season 7. Episode 12

The kids force Kris and Bruce to work out their differences; Kim makes Lamar see a dentist; Rob fears he is losing his hair.

Season 7. Episode 11

Bruce plays golf with model Angie Everhart; Rob moves back in with Khloe and Lamar.

Season 7. Episode 10

Scott visits London with Kim and Rob; Kris tries to get Khloe to see Bruce's dark side.

Season 7. Episode 9

Kim is reluctant to talk about her relationship with Kanye West; Khloe continues to feel pressure from her family and must decide whether to return to New York to attend the ope...

Season 7. Episode 8

Khloe returns to Los Angeles due to increasing demands on her time from her family. Meanwhile, Scott tries to behave when he attends a sweet-16 birthday party in New York.

Season 7. Episode 7

Conclusion. The family vacation in the Dominican Republic. While there, Kris wakes up with a mysterious medical condition, and Scott begins to feel like an outcast.

Season 7. Episode 6

The family's Dominican Republic vacation gets off to a rocky start when Kourtney causes herself, Kim and Scott to miss their flight.

Season 7. Episode 5

Kris runs into the man she had an affair with more than 20 years ago and considers arranging a meeting with him. Meanwhile, Kim and Scott hang out together, much to Kourtney's d...

Season 7. Episode 4

Bruce tries to get Kris to sign his son, Brandon, to her music-management company; Kourtney rebuffs Scott's romantic gestures; Kris attempts to get the whole family to play tennis.

Season 7. Episode 3

Kim starts wearing wigs; Rob hurts Bruce's feelings when he says he never had a male role model growing up; Kris gives in to road rage

Season 7. Episode 2

Kourtney takes her grudge against Kris to a new level; Kim wants payback after Bruce forces her to overcome her fears; Kendall and Kylie begin work for Seventeen magazine.

Season 7. Episode 1

The 7th season begins with Kris pursuing a DNA test to prove Khloe's paternity. Meanwhile, Kourtney angers Kim when she takes over relocating DASH; and Bruce goes to extreme mea...

Season 6. Episode 16

The family gather for a potluck, at which they recall some of their most outrageous moments and reveal never-before-seen clips.

Season 6. Episode 15

The family gather for a potluck, at which they recall some of their most outrageous moments and reveal never-before-seen clips.

Season 6. Episode 14

The family gather for a potluck, at which they recall some of their most outrageous moments and reveal never-before-seen clips.

Season 6. Episode 13

Kris Humphries plans to ask Kim to marry him, but an argument between the two makes him wonder if he is proceeding too quickly.

Season 6. Episode 12

Rob feels insecure about not having a career and it causes him to lash out at Kim while they are in Bora Bora. And Kourtney gives Scott an ultimatum.

Season 6. Episode 11

Kris has self-image issues that threaten the anniversary celebration in Bora Bora; and Kourtney tries to get Scott and Rob to reconcile

Season 6. Episode 10

Kris and Bruce go to Bora Bora to renew their vows.

Season 6. Episode 9

Scott tries to become Kylie and Kendall's manager and Scott isn't happy about it

Season 6. Episode 8

Scott Goes to Vegas for a club appearance & Kourtney fears he'll revert back to his old ways. Kylie & Kendall grow annoyed when Kris decides to be more involved in their lives.

Season 6. Episode 7

Bruce tries to get his daughters to see how blessed they are.

Season 6. Episode 6

Bruce learns that Kendall is taking birth-control pills; Kim discovers a serious rash on her legs and worries that it may affect her career.

Season 6. Episode 5

Rob reveals to Kourtney his true feelings about Scott. Meanwhile, Kris suspects Bruce is losing his hearing and insists that he see a doctor.

Season 6. Episode 4

Kourtney contemplates having another child; Kris is ordained to perform a friend's wedding.

Season 6. Episode 3

Kris decides to change her last name back to Kardashian, much to Bruce's dismay; Kim gets an X-ray of her buttocks to prove to the public that they are real.

Season 6. Episode 2

Kim tries to help Kendall with her modeling career in New York, but she pushes her too hard. Meanwhile, Kris and Scott fight when he won't allow her to have a key to the house h...

Season 6. Episode 1

Khloe is cautious with Kim's boyfriend; Kourtney gets the family together and things don't go as planned.

Season 5. Episode 6

Kourt house hunts in New York City while the family tries to keep her in L.A.; Bruce decides if he should get his dog neutered.

Season 5. Episode 5

Kim develops a crush on her Australian bodyguard; Khloe teaches Lamar how to swim

Season 5. Episode 4

Kim receives Botox injections because she is fearful of aging and has a bad physical reaction to it. Meanwhile, Kris is discovered smoking and Kourtney tries to get her to quit

Season 5. Episode 2

Kris sets Kim up on a blind date with an athlete; Khloe deals with the pressure of having Lamar in the NBA playoffs.