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A drama centered on a high-tech intelligence operative who is enhanced with a super-computer microchip in his brain, and the director of the elite government cyber-security agency who supports him. - Intelligence Streaming

Year started: 2014
Stars: Josh Holloway  Meghan Ory  John Billingsley 
Creators: Michael Seitzman 
IMDB rating: 7.1
Categories: I

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Episode list

Season 1. Episode 13

In the Season 1 finale, Gabriel and Riley are shocked to discover there are foreign sleeper agents in the U.S. government. Even more surprising are the true identities of the sp...

Season 1. Episode 12

Tetazoo relieves Lillian of her duties and takes charge of a manhunt for Gabriel, who is on the run trying to figure out who's framing him for murder.

Season 1. Episode 11

A threat to a nuclear reactor in California has Gabriel and Riley on the hunt to find an infamous hacker known to create cyberworms.

Season 1. Episode 10

Lillian, worried about her daughter's safety, accompanies Gabriel and Riley to San Francisco to investigate a plot to carry out a terrorist attack using blackmailed people in wi...

Season 1. Episode 9

When an aggressive virus wipes out Gabriel's memory, he thinks Jin Cong is good and helps him find a secret document.

Season 1. Episode 8

While in Bolivia with Riley to protect a presidential candidate from assassination, Gabriel is shocked to learn his best friend is the suspect.

Season 1. Episode 7

Gabriel and Cybercom investigate when artificial intelligence scientists are infected and killed by microscopic robots.

Season 1. Episode 6

Gabriel and the team go to Texas to help contain a deadly, quickly spreading virus and identify patient zero.

Season 1. Episode 5

Gabriel and Riley search for the kidnapped daughter of a senator in Mexico when a Mexican cartel demands he end the sale of U.S. spy satellite in exchange for her safety. Meanwh...

Season 1. Episode 4

Riley and Gabriel go on a covert mission in Syria in order to rescue American journalists being held hostage; the truth about Riley's past with her ex-boyfriend is revealed when...

Season 1. Episode 3

It's a double shock for Gabriel when he discovers that Mei Chen is alive and possesses an advanced chip that allows her to tap into his intelligence system.

Season 1. Episode 2

The CyberCom team investigate a suicide bombing at a U.S. Marine base; and Gabriel thinks he may have found his wife who has been missing for six years.

Season 1. Episode 1

A spy drama revolving around government operative Gabriel Vaughn, who's equipped with a microchip in his brain that gives him access to key intel information, which, in the seri...