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Year started: 2010
Stars: Paul Christie  Todd Hoffman  Dave Turin 
IMDB rating: 6.7
Categories: G

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Episode list

Season 5. Episode 2

No description

Season 5. Episode 1

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Season 4. Episode 20

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Season 4. Episode 19

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Season 4. Episode 18

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Season 4. Episode 17

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Season 4. Episode 16

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Season 4. Episode 15

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Season 4. Episode 14

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Season 4. Episode 13

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Season 4. Episode 12

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Season 4. Episode 11

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Season 4. Episode 10

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Season 4. Episode 9

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Season 4. Episode 8

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Season 4. Episode 7

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Season 4. Episode 6

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Season 4. Episode 5

Todd concocts a risky plan; Fred sustains an injury.

Season 4. Episode 4

Parker Schnabel leaves home to start his own operation; in Alaska, the Dakota boys look for the source of the gold in Porcupine Creek.

Season 4. Episode 3

After striking out in Chile and Peru, the Hoffman crew, short on time and money, set their sights on finding gold in Guyana's jungles.

Season 4. Episode 2

The crew prospect on a remote beach in Chile.

Season 4. Episode 1

Turf wars with local miners present challenges in the Season 4 premiere.

Season 3. Episode 16

Todd concocts a risky plan; Fred sustains an injury.

Season 3. Episode 15

Todd concocts a risky plan; Fred sustains an injury.

Season 3. Episode 14

Fred and Dustin fight to save a broken-down excavator; a dangerous mine road claims a victim.

Season 3. Episode 13

Todd concocts a risky plan; Fred sustains an injury.

Season 3. Episode 12

Parker explores an abandoned mine; Todd's and Dave's crews join forces.

Season 3. Episode 11

Parker hits bedrock at Emerson Trench; Todd shuts down the Quartz Creek operation; and Dave has a mishap with a bulldozer.

Season 3. Episode 10

Todd and Dave argue over a bulldozer; Parker's crew threaten to rebel.

Season 3. Episode 9

Indian River faces a shutdown; Todd is forced to rebuild a piece of equipment.

Season 3. Episode 8

Todd faces closure; Parker receives bad news from his grandfather

Season 3. Episode 7

Todd and his crew finally get to test the new Turbo Trommel. Dave pushes his crew to double their last clean out. The Dakota Boys receive a visit from an inspector with the powe...

Season 3. Episode 6

Todd finally takes delivery of the Turbo Trommel. Dave's mine at Indian River could close if they can't improve on their disastrous first clean up. The Dakota boys are forced to...

Season 3. Episode 5

Todd's chief investor demands to see 100 ounces of gold in the next three weeks, or he will pull the plug on the Klondike operation. At Indian River, Dave Turin is on the gold. ...

Season 3. Episode 4

At Quartz Creek, the mine is at a standstill since Todd ripped out their washplant. The delay on Todd’s replacement threatens to ruin his season. Todd heads 1800 miles so...

Season 3. Episode 3

Todd secures new rights to Indian River for Dave Turin's crew, on the claims the crew "accidentally" drilled. The New "Big Red" wash plant is assembled, and nearly destroyed in ...

Season 3. Episode 2

Dave faces disaster when he finds his new claim is un-minable. Todd is thousands of dollars in the hole and the 1000 ounce goal looks impossible. The Dakota boys face the threat...

Season 3. Episode 1

Loaded with bonus footage, production facts and tweets. Todd doubles down with two claims, twice the crew and twice the gear. Dakota Fred's glory hole is thought to contain mill...

Season 2. Episode 21

Gold Rush executive producer Christo Doyle asks the tough questions and gets the real dirt on the miners. Personal revelations, bets and challenges all play out in this revealin...

Season 2. Episode 20

In never before seen footage, the miners unearth the sometimes ugly truth about their 2011 mining seasons. The crews also clue us in on their big plans for the 2012 season. Dete...

Season 2. Episode 19

The Hoffman crew is desperate to get 100 ounces, but Todd's decision to run the dozer on solid ice ends in disaster. The Big Nugget mine faces closure if Parker fails to hit a p...

Season 2. Episode 18

The Hoffman crew battles frozen dirt and frozen pipes as they struggle to hit their goal of 100 oz. Parker makes a last ditch effort at Smith Creek Hill and the Dakota Boy's sea...

Season 2. Episode 17

The Hoffman crew risks its all to run through the night in a bid to finally break even for the season. Fred has to abandon his best paydirt yet when his excavator gets stuck in ...

Season 2. Episode 16

A heart attack has 91-year-old mining legend John Schnabel battling for for his life. The Hoffmans find a gold nugget that becomes a game-changer and Dakota Fred accomplishes wh...

Season 2. Episode 15

A key crew member calls it quits at Quartz Creek. Meanwhile, massive rocks break Dakota Fred's derocker and Parker reconsiders his future after smelting his 35oz season haul int...

Season 2. Episode 14

The Hoffman crew is dead in the water until Harness can repair their broken excavator. Parker Schnabel totals his gold for the season and hands the Big Nugget mine back to his g...

Season 2. Episode 13

Short on time, the Hoffman Crew decides to run night and day in a struggle to get to the gold, while a federal mining inspector pays a surprise visit to both Fred and Parker. Th...

Season 2. Episode 12

Jack Hoffman's precious excavator gets stranded in the creek and requires emergency surgery in the wilderness. Meanwhile, the crew fine-tunes their wash plant which doubles thei...

Season 2. Episode 11

This special lifts the curtain on Gold Rush and goes inside the lives of the men seeking gold and treasure in Alaska and the Klondike. All new interviews and never before seen f...

Season 2. Episode 10

This Gold Rush special reveals never before seen footage from behind the scenes of the struggle to bring the gold mining action to the screen. Four film crews, spread over 600 m...

Season 2. Episode 9

With the washplant prepped, the Hoffman crew finally has their first clean-out of the season. Back in Alaska, Dakota Fred works furiously to win his "more gold in a week" bet th...

Season 2. Episode 8

The Hoffmans realize they could be losing thousands of dollars of gold out of the end of their sluices and they are forced to tear apart the wash plant and rebuild. In his quest...

Season 2. Episode 7

The Hoffmans are finally on the gold, but a new love threatens to derail mechanic James Harness right when the crew needs him most. Desperate for pay dirt, Parker bulldozes a da...

Season 2. Episode 6

A crew revolt prompts Todd to dig test holes on the claim; Dakota Fred abandons mining after floods destroy his home.

Season 2. Episode 5

The crew confronts permafrost; Dakota Fred pushes his son too far; Parker suffers a setback in the form of a breakdown

Season 2. Episode 4

Todd and Jack clash over how to set up their new claim; Dakota Fred finds gold at Porcupine Creek; Parker hits pay dirt at Big Nugget

Season 2. Episode 3

No description

Season 2. Episode 2

The crew finds gold at the Porcupine Creek claim, and "Dakota Fred" returns with a bombshell to drop on the Hoffmans.

Season 2. Episode 1

Todd and Jack go deeper into debt to acquire better equipment before the crew sets off for the Porcupine Creek claim.

Season 1. Episode 11

No description

Season 1. Episode 10

Glory hole caves in around the 100,000 pound excavator; Jack puts his life on the line.

Season 1. Episode 9

To get to the bedrock and gold Todd and Jack try to dig deeper.

Season 1. Episode 8

No description

Season 1. Episode 7

No description

Season 1. Episode 6

After 80 days, the miners are behind schedule and out of money. They need to find $10,000 worth of gold within two days or the families will be sent home. Meanwhile, after Dorse...

Season 1. Episode 5

The equipment malfunctions and the operation is brought to a halt.

Season 1. Episode 4

The team tries to run dirt through a wash plant; families question the lack of gold; tension builds.

Season 1. Episode 3

The crew races to set up the mining plant and start running dirt; tensions build over the lack of gold and an ill mechanic.

Season 1. Episode 2

No description

Season 1. Episode 1

No description