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Stars: Mareike Carrière  Max Volkert Martens  Patrick Elias 
Creators: Thomas Brinx  Anja Kömmerling 
Categories: G

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Episode list

Season 5. Episode 5

The guys gather to support Brace, who is grief-stricken after hitting a rough spot; Bradley masks his Southern charm and forces himself into a new role to meet a client's request.

Season 5. Episode 4

Nick challenges Vin to a rap battle. Bradley gets ballsy on his date.

Season 5. Episode 3

Brace's kinder, gentler side gets his client to spread her wings; Nick shows off his private stache.

Season 5. Episode 2

Brace indulges a fetish for a bygone era; Ash becomes a sleepless beauty.

Season 5. Episode 1

Season 5 begins with Ash counseling a client with a troubled past. Meanwhile, Nick's date wants to clear some things up; and Brace has some no-strings-attached fun.

Season 4. Episode 8

Vin and Ash consider designing their own cologne; a client gets aggressive with Brace; Nick gets an interesting request.

Season 4. Episode 7

Nick meets a super fan and prepares for an appearance on AVN. Meanwhile, Ash goes on a passionate date.

Season 4. Episode 6

Ash's life partner visits, sparking a debate about open relationships; Vin turns to the dark side for a client's fantasy; the guys do a victory lap.

Season 4. Episode 5

The Gigolos compete in an intelligence test to decide who gets a calendar cover; Nick's date challenges his alpha status; Brace is the light at the end of his client's tunnel.

Season 4. Episode 4

Brace worries over a woman's intentions when she hires him and Nick; Ash teaches a client about tantric sex; Bradley learns that silence is golden.

Season 4. Episode 3

Bradley seeks help from the others when he is challenged to surpass a client's wildest fantasies; Ash and Brace attend a yoga session.

Season 4. Episode 2

Brace meets a client with a surprising backstory; Bradley reveals his profession to his religious brother; and Ash makes beautiful music with a classical violinist.

Season 4. Episode 1

In the Season 4 premiere, there's a new guy in town, and he's having a bit of an identity crisis, while Nick seeks just the right sound for his latest track.

Season 3. Episode 10

In the Season 3 finale, Brace considers getting testosterone injections, while Nick contemplates a job in the adult-film industry

Season 3. Episode 9

A client's boyfriend confronts Steven; Ash's date teaches him salsa moves; Brace considers a vasectomy.

Season 3. Episode 8

Steven considers a European tour; Vin must pleasure a lesbian client.

Season 3. Episode 7

A client refuses to hire Vin, sparking a race discussion among the Gigolos; Steven attempts to quit smoking.

Season 3. Episode 6

A well-to-do client wants a meet-and-greet with the guys before deciding on whom to employ; and to prepare for a client with a special fetish, Ash attends a dominatrix class, an...

Season 3. Episode 5

A voyeuristic couple hire Vin to do his thing with two female escorts; Nick plots revenge on Brace for injuring him.

Season 3. Episode 4

Brace vows revenge after Nick causes an injury to his back; Vin pays special attention to a recent divorcée; Steven and a client give "swing sex" a try.

Season 3. Episode 3

The guys head to a dude ranch, where they compete for a date with a rodeo champion. Meanwhile, Ash and his date get intimate at a restaurant.

Season 3. Episode 2

A new guy tries hard to prove he belongs; Brace takes a wild ride in a limo; and Nick gets a little squeamish around a client's creepy crawlers.

Season 3. Episode 1

In the Season 3 premiere, Jimmy's failure to return calls from the boss and his coworkers threatens his future with the company; and Brace gives spray tanning a shot.

Season 2. Episode 8

In the second-season finale, Vin wrestles with balancing his personal life with his professional one; Nick's brother visits from out of town; and Brace's newest client has a sur...

Season 2. Episode 7

Vin's steamy date with a female bodybuilder is followed by a birthday lunch with his mother; Jimmy takes a stab at stand-up comedy.

Season 2. Episode 6

Brace gets a surprise visit from his ex-wife; Steven gets booked for what turns out to be a wild bachelorette party; a dominatrix hires Nick.

Season 2. Episode 5

Brace gets a bit of Botox in preparation for a date with a female poker player; Vin's threesome increases by one; Nick gets Jimmy to shoot a music video.

Season 2. Episode 4

Steven meets up with his very first girlfriend; some of the guys try a new "manscaping" procedure; Brace takes care of a cancer patient's bucket-list request.

Season 2. Episode 3

One of Steven's clients believes they are in a real relationship; Brace may become a father; Vin contemplates having his girlfriend move in with him

Season 2. Episode 2

Steven and a client have a passionate encounter in public; Nick preps for a live rap performance; Jimmy must decide between meeting a client or making an appearance at his best ...

Season 2. Episode 1

In the second-season premiere, Brace makes a date with a spirited twentysomething and it turns out to be a marathon event. Meanwhile, Vin spends quality time with a lonely woman...

Season 1. Episode 8

In the Season 1 finale, Vin stars in a couple's personal video production and faces a tough life decision when his girlfriend takes an out of town job; tensions between Nic and ...

Season 1. Episode 7

Nic gets the opportunity of a lifetime when a music producer agrees to lay down tracks to kick-start his rap career; Vin takes on a lonely lead singer who needs a little love on...

Season 1. Episode 6

When the guys forget Steven's birthday, they band together to make it up to him with guns, go-karts and cake sex; Brace introduces Nic to the joys of a colonic.

Season 1. Episode 5

A client who may or may not be interested in more than just dancing hires Vin to participate in a salsa competition; Brace has a crisis of faith.

Season 1. Episode 4

Nic, Vin, and Steven are enlisted to babysit, while Brace takes a personal day; Jimmy anticipates coming clean about his profession when two old friends from college visit.

Season 1. Episode 3

A fledgling dominatrix hires Jimmy to help her perfect her craft; Brace looks to the future with an old flame and his vitamin supplement line.

Season 1. Episode 2

Steven can't afford to send his son to camp, so he takes on more clients than he can handle and the rest of the gigolos team up to help earn the money for him; a psychic gives t...

Season 1. Episode 1

In the Season 1 premiere, a group of Las Vegas gigolos competes for the business of a wealthy older woman. As the cast discovers that there's a new gigolo in town, Nick gets hir...