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This one-hour weekly docu-soap from the creator/executive producer of "American Chopper" follows a group of real-life paranormal researchers as they investigate haunted houses throughout ... - Ghost Hunters Streaming

Year started: 2004
Stars: Jason Hawes  Grant Wilson  Steve Gonsalves 
IMDB rating: 6.4
Categories: G

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Episode list

Season 10. Episode 1

TAPS travels to Gettysburg for the first time to look into strange phenomena that connect Civil War orphans with the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Season 9. Episode 25

The TAPS team returns to one of their favorite haunted locations: Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.

Season 9. Episode 24

Elizabeth V. Edwards Elementary School in Barnegat, N.J.; courthouse in Green Cove Springs, Fla.

Season 9. Episode 19

The TAPS team go underground during a trip to Octagon Hall in Franklin, Ky., to investigate secret tunnels, which were allegedly used to hide Confederate soldiers during the Civ...

Season 9. Episode 15

No Description Yet.

Season 9. Episode 14

The team investigate terrifying claims of paranormal activity at the Rendall Building in Shreveport, La.

Season 9. Episode 13

TAPS investigates paranormal activity at the Elms Resort and Spa and Excelsior Springs, Mo.

Season 9. Episode 12

The Elms Hotel and Spa in Excelsior Springs, Mo., is investigated by the team.

Season 9. Episode 11

TAPS investigates paranormal activity at Boulder City Hospital in Nev.

Season 9. Episode 10

TAPS investigates paranormal activity at the Belvoir Winery in Liberty, MO.

Season 9. Episode 9

The team travels to Little Rock, Ark. where a family believes a bungalow next door to their home is cursed.

Season 9. Episode 8

The historic Shreveport Auditorium, a place famous for hosting famous icons such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr. and other rock n' roll stars.

Season 9. Episode 7

The team investigate paranormal activity being reported by the new owner of an amusement park in Sylvan Beach, N.Y.

Season 9. Episode 6

The Nathan Hale Homestead in Coventry, Conn., is investigated.

Season 9. Episode 5

The team travels to Louisville, to investigate one of the oldest operating steamboats.

Season 9. Episode 4

The team travels to Cortland, New York to investigate a house that was built in 1890 for a wealthy industrialist.

Season 9. Episode 3

Renovations at the Peoria Asylum in Bartonville, Ill., are slowed down by strange occurrences, which are investigated by the team.

Season 9. Episode 2

The team travels to San Juan Capistrano, California to investigate the Mission San Juan Capistrano.

Season 9. Episode 1

In the ninth-season premiere, the team travel to the Sowden House in Los Angeles, which is the alleged site of the infamous 1947 Black Dahlia murder mystery. They also examine t...

Season 8. Episode 26

The team return to the Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford, Conn., at Christmastime to check out ghostly claims

Season 8. Episode 25

The team travel to Rochester to investigate whether a public library is haunted.

Season 8. Episode 24

The team visit Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Ky.

Season 8. Episode 23

Josh Gates ("Destination Truth") lends a hand to the team when they travel to Gloucester, Mass., to investigate Hammond Castle and its original owners.

Season 8. Episode 22

While investigating the Governor's Mansion in Hampton Falls, N.H., the team dig up information about a little boy who is rumored to have been the secret child of a former senator.

Season 8. Episode 21

The team explore an underworld of tunnels in Lockport, N.Y., and uncover stories of a possible murder, numerous deaths and strange goings-on

Season 8. Episode 20

A former shoe and furniture factory in Claremont, N.H., is investigated.

Season 8. Episode 19

No description

Season 8. Episode 18

The Civil War and a congressman's death are part of the history the team uncovers when they visit Louisiana's Old State Capitol, a Gothic castle-like building in Baton Rouge. La...

Season 8. Episode 17

TAPS travels to Oswego, N.Y., to investigate reports of paranormal activity at Fort Ontario, which during World War II served as home to Jewish refugees.

Season 8. Episode 16

Strange goings-on at Louisiana's Alexandria Zoo are investigated; and a new member joins the team.

Season 8. Episode 15

A trip to New Orleans includes a probe of the site of a fatal fire. Also: visits to a mortuary and a cemetery where some of the victims were taken.

Season 8. Episode 14

A camp in Georgia is investigated; a family's home in Marion, N.C., is probed.

Season 8. Episode 13

The Old City Jail in Charleston, S.C., is investigated.

Season 8. Episode 12

Grant Wilson's last investigation takes place at the Spalding Inn in Whitefield, N.H.

Season 8. Episode 11

The ghost of a princess is sought during a return trip to a New Hampshire resort

Season 8. Episode 10

Purported paranormal activity is investigated on the USS Yorktown.

Season 8. Episode 9

Probing Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy, Pa. Also: a purported haunting is investigated in a woman's Reisterstown, Md., home.

Season 8. Episode 8

Probing the U.S. Naval Institute in Annapolis, Md., regarding claims attributed to a ghostly marine.

Season 8. Episode 7

The Lambda Chi fraternity house at the University of Rhode Island is investigated; the USCGC Taney is probed in Baltimore.

Season 8. Episode 6

Visiting Rhode Island to probe Providence City Hall. Also: a historic house in Farmington, N.Y., is investigated.

Season 8. Episode 5

The Major Graham Mansion is probed in Virginia.

Season 8. Episode 4

A Tennessee bed-and-breakfast may be haunted.

Season 8. Episode 3

An underwater graveyard that was submerged after a dam broke is investigated in Tennessee

Season 8. Episode 2

A hotel in Naples, N.Y., is probed for activity that may be linked to a suicide; an allegedly haunted home in Gardner, Mass., is visited.

Season 8. Episode 1

Ohio's Kings Island amusement park is probed regarding claims about a ghostly girl. Also: a family's home in Antrim, N.H., is investigated in the Season 8 premiere

Season 7. Episode 25

The team investigate paranormal activity being reported by the new owner of an amusement park in Sylvan Beach, N.Y.

Season 7. Episode 24

Probing Connecticut's Hartford Elks Lodge #19, where doors are said to jiggle on their own and phantom voices have been heard. Also: Missouri's Morse Mill Hotel is investigated.

Season 7. Episode 23

The team visits Kentucky to probe a distillery where the ghost of a colonel may lurk and to investigate a nightclub with a grim past.

Season 7. Episode 22

Louisville's Waverly Hills Sanatorium is revisited for a probe of the nurses' wing.

Season 7. Episode 21

Spectral inmates are sought at Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City.

Season 7. Episode 20

Meredith Vieira helps the team probe Sailors' Snug Harbor, a former retirement facility for seamen, in Staten Island, N.Y.

Season 7. Episode 19

Claims attributed to a ghostly actress are investigated during a probe of the Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls, N.Y.

Season 7. Episode 18

No description

Season 7. Episode 17

No description

Season 7. Episode 16

The team probes Hawaii's Plantation Village in Waipahu regarding sightings of a ghostly girl and possibly haunted artifacts.

Season 7. Episode 15

Probing Pittsburgh's historic Carnegie Library, where doors seem to slam shut on their own and apparitions and disembodied voices have been encountered.

Season 7. Episode 14

Sightings attributed to the ghost of a grieving mother are investigated at the Reed Homestead in Townsend, Mass.

Season 7. Episode 13

TAPS is summoned to Newport, R.I., to investigate Seaview Terrace, the setting for the gothic soap-opera, "," where a door handle is said to have turned on its own and seemingly...

Season 7. Episode 12

Probing a former New Castle, Pa., nursing home, where a ghostly little boy is reputed to have visited patients just days before their deaths and disembodied screams have been heard

Season 7. Episode 11

A family's urgent call for help brings the team to a Rhode Island house, where the ghost of an old man is said to be lurking in the kitchen and a mysterious black cat has been s...

Season 7. Episode 10

TAPS travels to Hawaii with Josh Gates for the first paranormal investigation of Pearl Harbor.

Season 7. Episode 9

No description

Season 7. Episode 8

Higgins Armory in Mass is investigated

Season 7. Episode 7

No description

Season 7. Episode 6

No description

Season 7. Episode 5

The crew travels to the Hotel Alex Johnson in Rapid City, S.D.; Maddie the ghost-hunting dog makers her debut.

Season 7. Episode 4

The crew investigates one of New Orleans' most unique historical sites to find the truth about the Old U.S. Mint.

Season 7. Episode 3

The crew heads to Massachusetts to help the Voas family and find human remains; Philadelphia's USS Olympia warship.

Season 7. Episode 2

The TAPS crew heads to Chester County, Pa. to investigate the Pennhurst Asylum, an institution known for abuses to its inhabitants.

Season 7. Episode 1

The crew investigates a town overrun by paranormal events; The Hotel Bentley; Finnigan's Wake Tavern; The Diamond Grill.

Season 6. Episode 22

No description

Season 6. Episode 21

No description

Season 6. Episode 20

No description

Season 6. Episode 19

No description

Season 6. Episode 18

No description

Season 6. Episode 17

No description

Season 6. Episode 16

No description

Season 6. Episode 15

No description

Season 6. Episode 14

No description

Season 6. Episode 13

No description

Season 6. Episode 12

No description

Season 6. Episode 11

No description

Season 6. Episode 10

No description

Season 6. Episode 9

No description

Season 6. Episode 8

No description

Season 6. Episode 7

The team heads to Plymouth County, MA to investigate a home that has had 30 years of paranormal encounters.

Season 6. Episode 6

The team travels to Ione, California to investigate the mysterous Preston Castle.

Season 6. Episode 5

No description

Season 6. Episode 4

No description

Season 6. Episode 3

No description

Season 6. Episode 2

No description

Season 6. Episode 1

No description

Season 5. Episode 26

The team investigates the site of one of the worst disasters in aviation history.

Season 5. Episode 25

The team probes an 18th-century farmhouse in Willow Grove, Pa., where spirits allegedly play with the lights and cast large, dark shadows. Also: the Old State House in Hartford,...

Season 5. Episode 24

The team visits Hartford, Conn., to probe the home of author Mark Twain, where sightings of full-bodied apparitions and the laughter of a ghostly child have been reported.

Season 5. Episode 23

The TAPS team heads to Pensacola, Florida to investigate the e. Claims of paranormal activity include a legend of a woman's ghost that has been passed down for generations, clai...

Season 5. Episode 22

No description

Season 5. Episode 21

The team travels to Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire to investigate the Amos J. Blake House Museum. Then they head to the Arbona Building in Pensacola, Florida where books fall off sh...

Season 5. Episode 20

TAPS is joined by Eddie McClintock (Warehouse 13) to search for the spirit of legendary wild west entertainer Buffalo Bill in Golden, Colorado. Later TAPS also heads to Eatonton...

Season 5. Episode 19

TAPS heads for the mountains to investigate Briarhurst Manor. Including stories of a skeletal woman and the spirit of a young child, some say that Briarhurst is one of the most ...

Season 5. Episode 18

Chicago's is probed regarding claims of floating apparitions and arguments between disembodied voices.

Season 5. Episode 17

The team goes to Kingston, Ontario, to probe paranormal claims concerning , a 19th-century military complex that later served as a POW camp for Nazis captured during World War II.

Season 5. Episode 16

The team investigates claims of disembodied voices and shadowy apparitions aboard the USS Salem in Quincy, Mass.

Season 5. Episode 15

Rocker Meat Loaf assists the team on a probe of an allegedly haunted, private island in Thousand Islands, N.Y.

Season 5. Episode 14

Claims concerning a spectral drummer at the historic Church of St. Andrews are investigated in Staten Island, N.Y. Also: the teams visits Chicago's Benton House, a community cen...

Season 5. Episode 13

Garden State ghost hunter Bruce Tango helps the team probe the Union County Courthouse in Elizabeth, N.J. Also: a 19th-century home is investigated in Hopkinton, N.H.

Season 5. Episode 12

Josh Gates from "Destination Truth" helps the team search for the ghosts of inmates in New Jersey's Essex County Jail.

Season 5. Episode 11

The team visits Chadds Ford, Pa., to probe a ranch that was built on a Revolutionary War battlefield. Also: the Lee-Fendall House, the former home of Robert E. Lee, is investiga...

Season 5. Episode 10

n this Civil War-themed episode, the Ghost Hunters visit the historic Samuel Mudd House, famous for being a pit stop for John Wilkes Booth on his escape route following the assa...

Season 5. Episode 9

The Ghost Hunters head to Blackstone, MA to investigate a private home, where a family’s paranormal experiences have recently taken a turn for the worse.ÂÂ...

Season 5. Episode 8

TAPS members visit Newark, N.J., to probe an abandoned hospital and psychiatric facility, where disembodied screams and sightings of a spectral nurse have been reported.

Season 5. Episode 7

The "Ghost Hunters International" team helps Jason and Grant probe the Spalding Inn in Whitefield, N.H., which is purportedly haunted by a child's apparition and a figure that w...

Season 5. Episode 6

TAPS go to Atlanta to conduct a probe of the Georgia Aquarium, where paranormal phenomena have been linked to an exhibit of artifacts from the ill-fated RMS Titanic.

Season 5. Episode 5

TAPS investigate Belcourt Castle in Newport, R.I.; Sacco's Bowl Haven, an old-time bowling alley in Somerville, Mass., is probed.

Season 5. Episode 4

The team goes to Florida to investigate sightings of a female apparition at the historic El Circulo Cubano de Tampa. Another TAPS visit features the abandoned Trelles Clinic in ...

Season 5. Episode 3

The team visits Lenox, Mass., to investigate the home of author Edith Wharton.

Season 5. Episode 2

Taps finds out that it takes a village to haunt a house on .
The team heads to , which is part of the Isles of Shoals off of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to investigate seve...

Season 5. Episode 1

On the season premier of the show, TAPS heads over to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to the home of Betsy Ross were TAPS will investigate several claims of paranormal activities. La...

Season 4. Episode 27

TAPS tries out their sea legs at the Maritime Museum of San Diego as they investigate the steamboat Berkeley and the Star of India, the oldest active ship in the world.

Season 4. Episode 26

TAPS investigates the Clovis Avenue Sanitarium in Clovis California and The Windward Grille in Essex Mass.

Season 4. Episode 25

In a candid discussion, the TAPS team reviews some of the best moments of season four.

Season 4. Episode 24

The TAPS team discusses the most intense moments from the live investigation, then they try to help a woman who is scared to sleep in her own home.

Season 4. Episode 23

All the shocks. All the frights.All the details hashed out in a roundtable discussion about the Ghost Hunters live event.

Season 4. Episode 22

TAPS investigates the USS Hornet in San Francisco, and Eureka's Colin Ferguson comes along to help out.

Season 4. Episode 21


TAPS investigates a landmark pool hall in team member Steve Gonsalves' hometown.

Over the years, the first floor fr...

Season 4. Episode 20

In Dayville, Conn., a frightened young mother asks TAPS to help her terrorized son. Then in Appleton, N.Y., the team searches for spirits on the Upstate N.Y. Wine Trail.

Season 4. Episode 19

The team returns to New Orleans to investigate an historic sugar plantation.

Season 4. Episode 18

TAPS heads off to Florida to investigate two separate locations. First, TAPS heads to the ‘Seven Sisters Inn’ located in Ocala, Florida. Where the...

Season 4. Episode 17

TAPS heads over to New York where another team have been investigating inside the “Buffalo Central Terminal”. Claims include full body apparitions.

Season 4. Episode 16

TAPS visits a 16th century North Kingstown, R.I., landmark to solve an awful mystery.

The Carriage Inn was built in 1760. Now a busy banquet facility called Hoof, F...

Season 4. Episode 15

Jason and Grant are called in to investigate a haunt hidden in their own neighborhood — the Slater Mill. In its early years, almost all of the employees at the ...

Season 4. Episode 14

A local preservation society took over this property in 2000, and discovered over 30 boxes of unclaimed human remains tucked away in the basement bathroom. Renovations unearthed...

Season 4. Episode 13

TAPS investigates , located on Pea Patch Island. The Island sits in the mid channel of the Delaware River near its entrance into Delaware Bay. Once the location of strategic mi...

Season 4. Episode 12

TAPS investigates two locations in New Jersey. First they tackle the Proprietary House, the home of New Jersey's last royally appointed Governor. Next they move on to a 19th Cen...

Season 4. Episode 11

The Taps team heads to the coasts to tackle with two investigations. First they travel to Massachusetts to visit the Colonial Inn at Cape Cod. Then they head over to California ...

Season 4. Episode 10

Jason, Grant and the TAPS team head to New England to answer a call from a terrified family plagued by mysterious apparitions. During their investigation, TAPS uncovers some sho...

Season 4. Episode 9

TAPS is contacted by volunteers who are restoring Weston State Hospital. Jason & Grant head to West Virginia to investigate this former asylum that once housed Charles Manson.

Season 4. Episode 8

TAPS heads to Nevada to visit the famous 100-year-old abandoned Goldfield Hotel and then the Old Washoe Club and St. Mary's Art Center (formerly St. Mary's hospital) in Virginia...

Season 4. Episode 7

Ghost hunters in MT Washingdon Hotel, and in tavern in Rhode Island.

Season 4. Episode 6

Taps investigates a haunted Air Force Base

Season 4. Episode 5

The team goes to Trinway, Ohio to investigate Prospect Place, a stop along the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. Then they investigate a home in Massachusetts where the...

Season 4. Episode 4

The team travels to Pennsylvania to investigate the Cashtown Inn, a bed & breakfast that was a military headquarters during the Civil War.

Season 4. Episode 3

The team checks out the Clapp Library in Belchertown, Massachusetts and a family's claim that their house has been haunted for four generations.

Season 4. Episode 2

When Dave Tango's father has a creepy experience in the Burlington County Jail Museum, TAPS heads to Mount Holly, NJ to investigate. Then Jason and Grant turn their attention to...

Season 4. Episode 1

in Philadelphia is investigated. The site was used as a garrison during the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

Season 3. Episode 19

In the season three finale, Jason and Grant reflect on the greatest, and most terrifying, moments from the first three seasons of Ghost Hunters.

Season 3. Episode 18

The TAPS team goes over the evidence collected at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in the 2007 live Halloween special.

Season 3. Episode 17

Jason and Grant finally travel to Salem, the place that sparked Donna's interest in the paranormal. There they investigate the Lyceum Bar and Grill, which is built on land once ...

Season 3. Episode 16

The congregation at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, in Prosser, WA, has suggested that the Reverend Jennings invite the Ghost Hunters to come in to examine a number of strange s...

Season 3. Episode 15

The Gibbons family, in Seattle, WA, ask TAPS to investigate their home. The whole family has been having seemingly paranormal experiences ever since their orphaned niece has com...

Season 3. Episode 14

TAPS heads to San Francisco to investigate claims of activity at the Presidio. Then they talk to a family who believe that an old employee and family friend is still coming to w...

Season 3. Episode 13

TAPS takes their new trainee, Kris, along to investigate Northern State Hospital, a closed psychiatric hospital in Washington State. Then they descend below the streets of Seatt...

Season 3. Episode 12

The team investigate claims of paranormal activity at a house in Hollywood, CA near the site of the 1969 "." Then TAPS heads to the film studio built by Charlie Chaplain to chec...

Season 3. Episode 11

TAPS heads down to Corpus Christi, Texas to investigate the , an aircraft carrier where over 400 officers died on board during it's 21 out of 24 battles in WW2. Then it's on to ...

Season 3. Episode 10

TAPS travels to Chesapeake, Virginia to investigate the Keffer's House which suffers from apparitions, voices, and possibly a possessed doll. Then Steve is put in charge of his ...

Season 3. Episode 9

When a mother comes to them for help, TAPS takes on a local case at the Tedeschi's House where strange voices are heard and toys come on by themselves. Then it's on to the MacLe...

Season 3. Episode 8

Still on their European tour, TAPS heads to the in West Wycombe to investigate the paranormal activity. Then, on their day off, Jason and Grant take a tour of Jack the Ripper's...

Season 3. Episode 7

Continuing with their Ireland trip, TAPS travels to Lisheen Castle to investigate possible fairy activity in an area near the Castle called "the Wrath". They then board a plane ...

Season 3. Episode 6

Jason and Grant head to Ireland to investigate Leap Castle, considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in the world. One of the spirits in the castle is an "element...

Season 3. Episode 5

The best of the footage from the live Halloween event.

Season 3. Episode 4

Massachusetts is visited for two paranormal investigations. The team explores a Victorian Mansion and an 1897 manor.

Season 3. Episode 3

The team travels to a Vermont home and investigates the closed West Virginia State Penitentiary in Moundsville, West Virginia to investigate phenomena attributed to "shadow peop...

Season 3. Episode 2

Taps pays a visit to the where the famous gunfight occurred.

Season 3. Episode 1

TAPS goes to investigate a haunting at the Bird Cage theater in , Arizona.

Season 2. Episode 22

TAPS travels to Estes Park, Colorado to investigate the Stanley Hotel made famous by the movie The Shining.

Season 2. Episode 21

TAPS first travels to Oklahoma to investigate the Stone Lion Inn, which was once a funeral parlor. The owner believes it to be haunted by a young child who died by accidentiall...

Season 2. Episode 20

TAPS first investigates a New Jersey restaurant, which was recommended by Dave Tango. Also, the guys head to Florida to investigate a jail built in 1891 and was the location of...

Season 2. Episode 19

TAPS members Jason, Grant, Dustin, Steve, and Brian travel to Florida to investigate the rumored haunting of the St. Augustine Lighthouse, built in 1870. Steve's fear of height...

Season 2. Episode 18

TAPS visits Hilary Hodgman's home in New Jersey and tries to find the shadowy figure she and her husband have seen. Also, the guys visit the Hartford Conservatory and attempt t...

Season 2. Episode 17

At the request of Mike Dion, TAPS investigates the claims of a man's house is being haunted. He and his brother have a large collection of tapes they have tried to record EVPs ...

Season 2. Episode 16

TAPS returns to Jason's childhood hometown to look into claims from Elizabeth Leonard who claims a ghost named George is scaring her family and leaving scratch marks on her son'...

Season 2. Episode 15

TAPS searches for a spirit who is haunting a mother and her child before moving on to the Palladium Theater, a concert hall with a strange history.

Season 2. Episode 14

TAPS investigates the Waverly Hills Sanatorium where 63,000 patients died of tuberculosis.

Season 2. Episode 13

Jason and Grant investigate sightings of several apparitions in the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Next TAPS searches for evidence in the home of a real medium, al...

Season 2. Episode 12

The TAPS gang tackle two famous locations in this hour. The Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio, the prison where Stephen King's "Shawshank Redemption" was filmed, and the site of th...

Season 2. Episode 11

The TAPS team takes a road trip to California to investigate the Winchester Mystery House and the R.M.S. Queen Mary, a haunted cruise ship.

Season 2. Episode 10

Jason gets an e-mail from a seventh-grade class that wants to know if TAPS will return to the Eastern State Penitentiary. He and Grant agree to return for another investigation....

Season 2. Episode 9

Jason and Grant introduce their team to Dave Tango, an investigator from New Jersey TAPS who wants to learn more about paranormal investigations. Together, they tell the team ab...

Season 2. Episode 8

Andy tells Jason and Grant about the Astors' Beechwood Mansion in Newport, R.I., where a telephone repairman who was electrocuted haunts the basement and a woman with a yellow d...

Season 2. Episode 7

Jason and Grant tell the team about a case in Springfield, Mass., involving Denise and Joe Tanguay's son, Zachary, who has been yanked by his legs, poked in his feet and head an...

Season 2. Episode 6

Andy tells Jason and Grant that he wants to investigate the Ledge Lighthouse, after seeing a show in which Japanese paranormal investigators left crying by the end of their sear...

Season 2. Episode 5

Jason and Grant head to Connecticut to investigate the Bradley Playhouse. Pat Green, the theater manager, tells them that actors see a woman in the balcony, something reflected ...

Season 2. Episode 4

The TAPS team are tapped to investigate a sighting aboard the USS North Carolina, a World War II battleship allegedly haunted by the casualties of a deadly torpedo attack.

Season 2. Episode 3

The TAPS team treks to New Orleans. First, the gang tries to rid a house of a troublesome spirit. Later, they visit Brennan's Restaurant in the French Quarter, a regular haunt f...

Season 2. Episode 2

Jason, Grant and the TAPS team investigate poltergeists allegedly haunting the children of two New England families.

Season 2. Episode 1

On the second-season opener, The TAPS goes to New Orleans, to investigate claims of paranormal activity at "" They investigate such claims as: a wandering figure claimed t be th...

Season 1. Episode 10

Jason, Grant and TAPS Team go to Albany, NY to investigate a house were the local residence , Linda Johnson, claims to have be "psychically sensitive" to a negative or "demonic"...

Season 1. Episode 9

The TAPS Team gets a call from Mike Sinclair, the founder of O.R.I.O.N. Paranormal and a very good friend to the TAPS organization, to co-investigate a Boston Inn.

Season 1. Episode 8

The TAPS team Investigate a rumored haunting at a college student group house, were the hauntings could of been explained by college humor and drunken neighbors. The team also g...

Season 1. Episode 7

The team investigates a New Bedford, Mass., armory, built in 1903, where people are actually afraid to come to work because of mysterious disturbances there.

Season 1. Episode 6

The TAPS team goes to investigate Brian's friends alleged haunted house. whose home was a Church in the late 19th century. The residence of the house has claimed to of experienc...

Season 1. Episode 5

Jason, Grant and TAPS Team are called in to go investigate a long abandoned well known prison in New England, that has its shares in history, known as "". also well known for it...

Season 1. Episode 4

The TAPS team is called in by the "US Coast Guard" to investigate the "" located in "Long Island Sound". This lighthouse has been renovated, to the point of being almost complet...

Season 1. Episode 3

Jason, Grant and TAPS Team are called in to go investigate "The Lighthouse Inn" located in New London, Connecticut. the local residence and guests are plagued with many ghostly ...

Season 1. Episode 2

Leaving no report uninvestigated in their trip to Altoone, Pa., the TAPS team explored alleged hunting's in the historic Mishler Theatre and Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum.

Season 1. Episode 1

The TAPS team travels to Altoona, Pa., to investigate a reported haunting in a young girl's bedroom.