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The series is set in the near future, where aliens known collectively as Votans have come to Earth seeking a new home after their solar system was destroyed. However, when they reached Earth, they discovered despite a prolonged negotiation with the government on Earth, they were not welcome. - Defiance Streaming

Year started: 2013
Stars: Dewshane Williams  Julie Benz  Grant Bowler 
IMDB rating: 8.88
Categories: D

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Episode list

Season 2. Episode 13

Season 2 comes to a close with Nolan fighting both the Earth Republic and old acquaintances to stop Irisa's destructive plan from becoming a reality. He's also determined to sav...

Season 2. Episode 12

Nolan tries to save Tommy and stop Irisa before the plan is activated; tensions rise.

Season 2. Episode 11

Nolan searches for Irisa, leaving Amanda to take on the deputy's badge just as a shocking murder rocks Defiance.

Season 2. Episode 10

A deadly mine collapse leaves Amanda and Pottinger trapped, and it's a race against the clock for Nolan and Rafe to save them.

Season 2. Episode 9

Doc Yewll works to keep her dark secret from coming out.

Season 2. Episode 8

Nolan interrogates a suspected Votanis Collective spy in an effort to prevent a cataclysmic terrorist attack on New York.

Season 2. Episode 7

Datak is framed for murder and turns to an unlikely ally; Irisa discovers more about her destiny.

Season 2. Episode 6

After an Arkfall crash, Pottinger recruits Nolan to lead their salvage mission.

Season 2. Episode 5

Amanda is terrorized by a stalker; the reasons for her experiences have far reaching ramifications.

Season 2. Episode 4

A badly shaken Pottinger orders Nolan to destroy those responsible for the attack on his caravan.

Season 2. Episode 3

Irisa's terrifying black-outs escalate, driving a wedge of secrecy between her and Nolan.

Season 2. Episode 2

Irisa is arrested upon her return to Defiance, but Nolan can arrange her release by capturing those responsible for an explosion that nearly killed Mayor Pottinger. Meanwhile, S...

Season 2. Episode 1

No description

Season 1. Episode 12

The citizens of Defiance prepare to cast their votes for mayor; Nolan is violently confronted with his past; Irisa must decide whether or not to embrace her destiny.

Season 1. Episode 11

Amanda's mayoral campaign is jeopardized when Nolan is involved in an accident just before the election; the town to questions Amanda's decision to appoint him as Lawkeeper.

Season 1. Episode 10

The town of Defiance is shocked when the remains of a prominent businessman who disappeared almost six years ago, are discovered hidden in the walls of the NeedWant.

Season 1. Episode 9

A deadly plague ravages the town; racial tensions escalate when the Irathients, who are immune to the virus, are quarantined.

Season 1. Episode 8

Nolan and Tommy encounter an American astronaut who has been in hypersleep for several decades.

Season 1. Episode 7

Interesting relationships develop when the residents of Defiance are forced to stay indoors as a threatening Razor Rain storm approaches. Meanwhile, visions lead Irisa to the Sp...

Season 1. Episode 6

Nolan gets a blast from the past while a Castithan fugitive wreaks havoc in Defiance.

Season 1. Episode 5

While Nolan and Amanda make a danger-filled journey to pay for the new maglev spur, Irisa captures a Castithan who she believes tortured her as a child and tries to force him to...

Season 1. Episode 4

Kenya is kidnapped; Rafe moves a step closer to learning the truth about his son's death.

Season 1. Episode 3

Two Defiance residents die, torn apart, and Nolan soon discovers that someone is using mutant Hellbugs as murder weapons to get revenge for a past crime. Meanwhile, Irisa suffer...

Season 1. Episode 2

A killer is pursued; at the same time, Nolan and Datak come to blows over an ancient ritual.

Season 1. Episode 1

The arrival of the mysterious Nolan and his charge Irisa to the town of Defiance marks a threat to the fragile peace that exists between the residents in the premiere of this fu...