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The story of firefighters in Chicago. - Chicago Fire Streaming

Year started: 2012
Stars: Jesse Spencer  Taylor Kinney  Monica Raymund 
Creators: Michael Brandt  Derek Haas 
IMDB rating: 7.3
Categories: C

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Episode list

Season 3. Episode 12

Evidence at a storage unit fire seems to be connected to the blaze that took Shay's life.

Season 3. Episode 11

Two members of the firehouse go missing after a routine call; Casey and Dawson seek balance.

Season 3. Episode 10

A house fire puts a couple in danger; the Chicago Holiday Fest gives Molly's II a chance to shine.

Season 3. Episode 9

The team responds to a truck leaking hydrochloric acid in a busy intersection.

Season 3. Episode 8

The members of the firehouse spring into action when a helicopter explodes over a populated area.

Season 3. Episode 7

A homeowner saved from a fire is in possession of a suspicious box.

Season 3. Episode 6

Casey helps his sister; Brett goes out of her way to assist a mother in need.

Season 3. Episode 5

Casey deals with the fallout from his sister's divorce; Dawson and Mills settle into new roles.

Season 3. Episode 4

Dawson tries to find balance with Lt. Casey; Mills deals with a future without the squad.

Season 3. Episode 3

The members of Firehouse 51 and the Austin firehouse clash when trucks collide on the way to a call.

Season 3. Episode 2

Severide comes back to work; Mills discovers more information about his father's family.

Season 3. Episode 1

Boden pulls his team together in the aftermath of the explosion; Casey works to track down Severide.

Season 2. Episode 22

A fire breaks out at a boarding school in the Season 2 finale, and Severide questions himself in the aftermath of the blaze. Elsewhere, Dawson retakes the fireman's exam, with s...

Season 2. Episode 21

Dawson prepares to retake the fireman's exam. Meanwhile, Casey has an important discussion with Antonio; a new addition joins the squad; Shay deals with a surprise guest; and Bo...

Season 2. Episode 20

A large explosion sends Chicago into chaos; the members of the firehouse are tested.

Season 2. Episode 19

A surprised Dawson receives suicide note; Severide looks into Bloom's dark past; Shay and Casey search for a life-changing item.

Season 2. Episode 18

Lt. Severide tries to help a firefighter from Denver struggling with addiction; Shay and Dawson plan a girls' weekend at a cabin in the woods; Mills and the guys update Mouch's ...

Season 2. Episode 17

Severide feels compelled to help a man he saved from a car accident; Casey and Boden struggle to deal with the orders from Jones' father; a call to duty affects the firehouse.

Season 2. Episode 16

Det. Lindsay narrows down potential suspects in Keeler's disappearance, and Severide's motives place him at the top of her list. Elsewhere, Jones' disruptions are noticed by hea...

Season 2. Episode 15

Severide grows frustrated when Vince Keeler goes free, but he maintains hope that justice will prevail. Meanwhile, the firefighters work to rescue a girl trapped inside a donati...

Season 2. Episode 14

Severide feels left out during the search for his missing sister. Meanwhile, Shay gets a surprising tip; Casey gleans new information about his head injury; and Dawson trains fo...

Season 2. Episode 13

A drunken driver takes out a transformer, leaving the entire neighborhood without power on a frigid night; Casey continues to lie about his condition.

Season 2. Episode 12

Casey tries to convince everyone he is healthy; Shay avoids the lawyer who wants to talk about Daryl's suicide; Otis and Katie grow closer; Boden helps a woman with a negligent ...

Season 2. Episode 11

Casey returns to work after a brush with death; Shay's new partner is friendly to everyone but her; Dawson begins training; Severide prepares for his instructor duties; Clarke r...

Season 2. Episode 10

Chief Boden and the squad prepare to fight the decision to close Firehouse 51. Meanwhile, danger looms as the team responds to an emergency call at an apartment building; Dawson...

Season 2. Episode 9

Boden makes one last-ditch effort to save the firehouse from being closed; romance blooms between Dawson and Casey; Leon makes progress in the gang-murder investigation; Severid...

Season 2. Episode 8

The shooting of a child in their neighborhood forces Cruz and his brother to think about the gang; Isabella gets Mills to dress up for a gala; Casey feels sad he will be seeing ...

Season 2. Episode 7

The firehouse goes to the scene of a major railroad accident; Boden must make a big decision about his future; Severide learns more about the woman he saw with his father; Shay ...

Season 2. Episode 6

Severide comes across a boy in need of help while out on a jog; Boden and McLeod clash over the future of the firehouse; Mouch and Greg Sullivan debate on Otis' podcast.

Season 2. Episode 5

McLeod pushes Boden toward an early retirement and chooses a potential replacement; all make known their disdain for the mole; Shay enjoys a full social life.

Season 2. Episode 4

Severide wants to implicate the serial arsonist; Dawson and Shay face the unexpected on a routine call; suspicions indicate Clarke is the mole; Mouch campaigns for union president.

Season 2. Episode 3

Severide tries to prove his suspicions about the arsonist's identity; Casey gets accustomed to his new lifestyle; Dawson goes on a date with a regular from the bar.

Season 2. Episode 2

Casey struggles with his new responsibilities; Severide dreads the arsonist's next attack; Mouch starts campaigning; Dawson and Shay decide they need to get out more.

Season 2. Episode 1

Lt. Severide is targeted by an arsonist; Battalion Chief Boden clashes with Gail McLeod; the anniversary of Andy's death; Shay has suspicions; Mari visits Mouch.

Season 1. Episode 24

The squad must help diffuse a volatile situation at the jail; Shay continues to feel hopeful about motherhood; Herrmann's wife goes into labor; Mills and Dawson face important d...

Season 1. Episode 23

Lieutenant Casey must work with Voight and the Intelligence Unit; Shay grows increasingly excited about the prospect of motherhood; everyone comes together to support the openin...

Season 1. Episode 22

Severide is accused of sexual misconduct; Casey starts to find satisfaction in his personal life; Dawson and Mills face challenges as they try to take their relationship to the ...

Season 1. Episode 21

Severide faces consequences and fights for survival; Detective Voight returns; Dawson, Hermann and Otis prepare for Molly's grand opening.

Season 1. Episode 20

A paramedic candidate joins Shay and Dawson for a few shifts; Cindy Herrmann experiences pregnancy complications while her husband is out of town; Casey receives an unexpected v...

Season 1. Episode 19

A failed rescue attempt deeply affects the men and women of firehouse 51; Dawson and Shay deal with a junkie's crazy behavior during a call; the team upsets local drug dealers.

Season 1. Episode 18

Mills questions Bennie about the fire that killed Mills' father; Casey, Severide and Bennie investigate two mysterious diner fires.

Season 1. Episode 17

When Severide's father (Treat Williams) visits, he clashes with Chief Boden over a former colleague's death; Shay makes a decision about Clarice; the mystery about Herrmann, Oti...

Season 1. Episode 16

Cruz suffers from emotional distress, and ends up putting himself and his colleagues at risk. At the same time, Casey, his sister and their mom try to hash out their problems; S...

Season 1. Episode 15

Dawson turns to an unlikely source for assistance as she tries to help her brother; Severide does a favor for Lt. Whaley; Herrmann and Otis make tough discoveries about their si...

Season 1. Episode 14

Severide shares a past with a visiting lieutenant; Dawson tells Shay about her secret; Casey has family problems; Boden and his team deal with a bad batch of heroin; and Clarice...

Season 1. Episode 13

A man dies in a fire set by a troubled teenager; Severide contacts his father; Otis fills in for some shifts at the slowest firehouse in the city; Shay and Dawson wind up in a b...

Season 1. Episode 12

Severide finally decides to discuss his injury with Chief Boden; Casey deals with family issues; Dawson responds to a rescue call and realizes a young girl is the only survivor.

Season 1. Episode 11

Eaten up by his guilt over Flaco’s death in the fire, Cruz goes to Casey to confess. While Shay recovers from a head injury sustained in the ambulance crash, Severide asks D...

Season 1. Episode 10

Several of the firefighters are accused of stealing an expensive diamond necklace after responding to a kitchen blaze in an upscale townhouse. Meanwhile, Cruz tries to save his ...

Season 1. Episode 9

Jose Vargas is injured in a fire and forced to go on disability leave; Chief Boden counsels a suspected teenage arsonist; Severide gets a tempting invitation from a woman he onc...

Season 1. Episode 8

Peter begins to have doubts about his future as a firefighter after he comes across a young victim's body at the site of a train accident. Elsewhere, Dawson and Shay deal with a...

Season 1. Episode 7

Severide delays taking a drug test after he and the rest of the firehouse staff are exposed to a meth lab over the Thanksgiving holiday. Elsewhere, Truck and Squad run into prob...

Season 1. Episode 6

Casey risks his life during an apartment-fire rescue, potentially earning a much-needed break from Det. Voight's ongoing pressure to retract his statement. Meanwhile, Dawson get...

Season 1. Episode 5

Casey fights back against Det. Voight and ends up dealing with the consequences; Dawson's on-the-job behavior results in disciplinary action; Severide's arm fails him during a r...

Season 1. Episode 4

Chief Boden is plagued by bad press and low morale in the department after being accused of leaving a homeless man to die in a warehouse blaze. Meanwhile, Severide helps an elde...

Season 1. Episode 3

Casey faces pressure to cover for a cop's son, who was responsible for a drunken-driving accident that left a teenager paralyzed. Meanwhile, Severide ignores his doctor's warnin...

Season 1. Episode 2

Severide is still consumed with guilt over Andy Darden's death—and his remorse is only intensified when he learns that Darden's widow also blames him for the tragedy. Elsewher...

Season 1. Episode 1

A fire claims the life of a team member in the premiere of this drama series following the firefighters, paramedics and rescue squad of Chicago Firehouse 51. Following the trage...