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Year started: 2001
Stars: James Belushi  Courtney Thorne-Smith  Larry Joe Campbell 
Creators: Tracy Newman  Jonathan Stark 
IMDB rating: 6.1
Categories: A

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Episode list

Season 8. Episode 18

In the series finale, Jim must stand trial in heaven after he chokes on a shrimp puff.

Season 8. Episode 17

Jim's cheapskate ways come back to haunt him when he relies on Andy's dubious connections to buy Cheryl a used diamond necklace for her birthday.

Season 8. Episode 16

Jim gets an unexpected monetary reward for his charity work, but when Cheryl wants him to give it back, he decides to spend it on an expensive item for her.

Season 8. Episode 15

Jim tries to bond with his son Kyle, but Kyle identifies more with Andy, a fellow sci-fi nerd.

Season 8. Episode 14

Jim's altered state from a pain-pill prescription for a bad back presents an opportunity for his family to share information that would otherwise have him seeing red.

Season 8. Episode 13

Jim tries hard to be cool in the eyes of Ruby and her friends, until it dawns on him that his behavior may be undermining Cheryl's authority.

Season 8. Episode 12

Andy ends up injured after playing snow football with Jim, so Jim helps Andy make it seem like he had a freak accident because Andy was previously warned by his girlfriend not t...

Season 8. Episode 11

Cheryl and her friends make up a group for fathers to spend more times with their sons so they could have some time for themselves, but Jim manages to turn even that situation i...

Season 8. Episode 10

Andy asks Jim for advice regarding a perfect gift for Mandy and he goes through a process of rethinking, leaving Mandy worried that he might be cheating on her.

Season 8. Episode 9

Jim prepares his son to get out on a date with Ruby's piano teacher while Andy is already dating the woman without letting anyone know.

Season 8. Episode 8

Jim joins Cheryl's yoga class after getting jealous of her male instructor.

Season 8. Episode 7

While trying a new restaurant with Andy, Jim gets the wrong idea when he thinks the owner (Constance Marie), an old girlfriend, is still carrying a torch for him.

Season 8. Episode 6

A guys' weekend in the woods for Jim and Andy turns sour when the latter's fiancée calls off their engagement. It then turns shocking when they discover her ex-husband at...

Season 8. Episode 5

When Cheryl learns of Jim's plan to use their twins in a movie starring Steve Guttenberg to get some money for Christmas gifts, she refuses to let him do it, but Andy and Jim de...

Season 8. Episode 4

Jim convinces Andy to propose to his girlfriend, Emily, before he loses her. But when Jim catches Emily having dinner with another man, he questions the wisdom of his own advise.

Season 8. Episode 3

Jim convinces Andy to propose to Emily before it's too late, but when he stumbles upon Emily having dinner with some man, he quickly rethinks his advice.

Season 8. Episode 2

Jim is overwhelmed by Cheryl's requests and suggestions when her sister and closest friend, Dana, moves away, so he sets out to find his wife a replacement.

Season 8. Episode 1

In the eighth-season premiere, the older kids give in to Jim's request to do the household chores after he blames them for losing one of the twin's blankets.

Season 7. Episode 18

The Devil himself visits Jim to remind him of the deal they made years ago, when Jim promised to give away his fifth child if the Devil helped him win over Cheryl.

Season 7. Episode 17

Jim anxiously awaits for the moment when Cheryl is off bedrest so she'd take over all the chores, but Dana urges him to let Cheryl rest until she goes into labor. After meeting ...

Season 7. Episode 16

Cheryl insists on playing a game that she somehow always wins, but Dana is aware of the fact that Cheryl is cheating.

Season 7. Episode 15

To get to the cause of Andy's former break-ups, Dana hypnotizes him and discovers that he sabotaged every relationship due to low self-esteem.

Season 7. Episode 14

After years of dating, Andy has finally met the perfect girl. Unfortunately he's so afraid, he's not quite himself.

Season 7. Episode 13

Jim makes a rule he believes to be the perfect cure for children's fights, but when he enters a discussion with Andy, the both end up on the same "tribunal system," fighting to ...

Season 7. Episode 12

Realizing that Andy didn't use the gift certificate that Jim gave him for his birthday, Jim decides to use the certificate to treat himself with a nice meal, but soon Jim finds ...

Season 7. Episode 11

Jim finds a way to use Cheryl's forgetfulness (a.k.a. "the pregnancy brain") to his advantage by trying to convince her that it was her idea to turn the basement into a media ro...

Season 7. Episode 10

Jim is forced organize a doll-themed party for Gracie while Cheryl is on bed rest, but when Gracie admits that the only reason she agreed to the party was because she wanted to ...

Season 7. Episode 9

Without consulting with Cheryl, Jim transforms the garage into a cigar lounge and donates the kids' old clothes and furniture to charity. When Cheryl informs Jim that she is pre...

Season 7. Episode 8

When Cheryl returns home for a visit the kids end up occupying her time, so Jim decides to prepare a special date with her at the airport lounge, only to end up mistakenly arres...

Season 7. Episode 7

When Ruby and Gracie can't seem to stop fighting, Jim is "forced" to read their diaries to determine the cause, only to realize that he needs to give out delicate motherly advic...

Season 7. Episode 6

While Cheryl is still out of town, Jim is having hard time dealing with Ruby's girl problems, so he assigns Dana to help her. However, when Dana tells Ruby to go out on a date w...

Season 7. Episode 5

While Cheryl is out of town to take care of her mother, Jim has to take care of their kids, and he receives sympathy from a neighborhood mom. Soon, other moms start helping Jim,...

Season 7. Episode 4

Jim and Cheryl feel an ease of their marital woes after having a food fight. That is, until Andy seeks revenge on Jim for some past pranks played against him by his children.

Season 7. Episode 3

When Cheryl takes a greater interest in general safety and health, Jim feels stifled by her new rules and regulations. Just after Cheryl forces Jim to wear an I.D. badge during ...

Season 7. Episode 2

Cheryl can't flirt her way into a reservation at a hot new restaurant, and she begins to worry that her beauty has faded. So Jim cooks up a scheme to cheer his wife up. When he ...

Season 7. Episode 1

Jim is dismayed to learn that Cheryl has joined a dinner party club. When he grumbles that he'd like to meet the moron who invented women, God suddenly appears to defend himself...

Season 6. Episode 18

Cheryl throws Jim an unwanted surprise party for his 50th birthday, which Jim then sabotages, and then later reveals the real reason why he won't celebrate his birthday.

Season 6. Episode 17

In order to avoid attending another musical with Cheryl, Jim finds a gay man to accompany her.

Season 6. Episode 16

After Tim and Cindy Devlin's sudden divorce announcement, Andy starts spending time with Cindy, which turns into a relationship, and an urge for Cheryl and Jim to break them up.

Season 6. Episode 15

Andy and Jim end up in a war after Andy tries to sell him a grill that Jim gave him a few years ago.

Season 6. Episode 14

Andy's new metal detector uncovers Jim's long-lost wedding ring, which causes headaches to Jim, because he bought a fake wedding ring as a replacement a long time ago so Cheryl ...

Season 6. Episode 13

Jim's bad softball game advice to Kyle turns to be Jim's worst nightmare when an Ghost of Andy visits him to show him the Adult Kyle's life as a loser.

Season 6. Episode 12

Jim decides to toughen up his daughters basketball team and soon turns them from sweet and peaceful to an angry and aggressive basketball team.

Season 6. Episode 11

After an argument with a claims representative about his bill, Jim's health insurance is canceled, and Jim decides to hide the truth from Cheryl, until she ends up sick and he g...

Season 6. Episode 10

While Ryan is away, Dana and baby Tanner are staying at Jim and Cheryl's, until Jim starts complaining about the presence of the baby, so Cheryl wants him to stay at Andy's for ...

Season 6. Episode 9

When Cheryl and Dana allow Jim and Ryan to take care of the kids and baby Tanner while they are out, things get out of control. Jim takes everyone to the museum and everything g...

Season 6. Episode 8

When Dana gets into premature labor, and Ryan isn't able to come and deliver the baby because he is delivering a celebrity's baby, Jim has to be the one to deliver Dana's baby.

Season 6. Episode 7

Andy, Ryan and Jim are stunned when they find out that Dana and Cheryl recently appeared in a Chicks Gone Wild video.

Season 6. Episode 6

Cheryl persuades Jim to attend an anger-management class, but he soon learns that getting mad isn't as much fun as getting even.

Season 6. Episode 5

When Cheryl's beloved Uncle Donald dies, Jim takes over housekeeping, but soon starts to suspect that Cheryl is using him.

Season 6. Episode 4

Cheryl and Jim go to a motel in Indiana to celebrate their fifteenth wedding anniversary, but Dana's possible labor and a tornado interfere.

Season 6. Episode 3

When the family pet guinea pig swallows an eraser, Jim is forced to pay for an expensive operation.

Season 6. Episode 2

Jim ends up on a talk show after claiming that men shouldn't let women feminize them, and then goes to Dana's co-ed baby shower to prove his point.

Season 6. Episode 1

Jim realizes that Cheryl has been spoiling their son Kyle for way too long, so he decides to make him a man by teaching him how to throw a perfect punch in self defense. However...

Season 5. Episode 22

When a proud and happy Ryan announces that Dana is pregnant, Jim warns him of Dana's upcoming hormone swings, and ends up dreaming that he is pregnant.

Season 5. Episode 21

When Andy stars playing chess with Ryan on a regular basis, Jim is convinced that he is losing his best friend.

Season 5. Episode 20

Cheryl gives her best to assure herself a spot on the Church Committee, and in order to get that, she forbids Jim to do his annual "Green Man" routine on St. Patrick's day. Howe...

Season 5. Episode 19

Jim believes that Bill (played by Joseph Bologna), the father of one of Rubys and Gracies classmates is actually his real father that abandoned Jim when he was a child.

Season 5. Episode 18

Jim makes his own neighbour cry with complaining about his backyard barbeque, so he ends up taking polite lessons from Andy, in order to become a better person.

Season 5. Episode 17

Jim gets mad when he finds out that his neighbor Julie has been writing children books and basing them about him.

Season 5. Episode 16

Cheryl believes she's attending a tasteful lingerie party, but is shocked to learn the hostess is selling sex toys and Cheryl buys one, but won't tell Jim.

Season 5. Episode 15

Cheryl and Jim get into a disagreement about Erik Estrada, and Jim tries to prove that the incident that occurred ten years ago was not wrong.

Season 5. Episode 14

It's Jim's birthday and he gets upset when Cheryl gives him gifts he does not want, but is really happy when Kyle give him a stick for his birthday.

Season 5. Episode 13

Jim and Cheryl renew their wedding vows after Cheryl allowed the girls to get their ears pieced even though Jim had forbidden it.

Season 5. Episode 12

When Jim and Cheryl watch an sex education video that is shown at Ruby's school, Jim realizes that he is watching a young him.

Season 5. Episode 11

When Cheryl and Dana's mother, Maggie, visits for the holidays, Jim and Cheryl compete with Ryan and Dana for her affection

Season 5. Episode 10

Cheryl encourages Jim to meet a former girlfriend wants to discuss business for lunch, and then regrets it when she becomes convinced that the old flame has romantic intentions.

Season 5. Episode 9

Jim tries to blackmail Dana when he finds out she’s having erotic dreams about him.

Season 5. Episode 8

To teach Jim the value of communication, Cheryl doesn't speak to him for three days.

Season 5. Episode 7

Jim helps Andy pick up a beautiful woman in a bar, but she turns out to be crazy -- and eventually leaves Andy and stalks Jim instead.

Season 5. Episode 6

Cheryl, upset that Jim thinks her daily anecdotes are boring, steals Dana's story about meeting Oprah. Jim, now determined to out-do Cheryl, makes up a story about his construct...

Season 5. Episode 5

Out-of-shape Jim enters a 10K marathon to teach Kyle, who wants to quit basketball, a lesson about not being a quitter -- but he cheats to get first to the finish line.

Season 5. Episode 4

When Cheryl wins two tickets to visit Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion in a charity-raising contest that Jim secretly entered her in, she decides to take Dana instead of him.

Season 5. Episode 3

Jim worries that Cheryl's romantic expectations will increase when his new brother-in-law, Ryan, showers Dana with flowers and gifts. But then Jim learns that a special blues ta...

Season 5. Episode 2

Jim worries that Cheryl's romantic expectations will increase when his new brother-in-law, Ryan, showers Dana with flowers and gifts. But then Jim learns that a special blues ta...

Season 5. Episode 1

The fifth season premieres with Jim sneaking off to a Cubs game with Kyle instead of taking him to his first day of kindergarten.

Season 4. Episode 27

Immediately following the 100th episode, a special half-hour retrospective episode takes a look at Cheryl and Jim's botched anniversary moments from years past.

Season 4. Episode 26

On Dana's wedding day, Jim accidentally knocks the family's favorite reverend unconscious with the car door, so he has to scramble to find a replacement preacher at the last min...

Season 4. Episode 25

Cheryl and Dana think they have cause to worry when Dana's fianc - wants to race fast cars and Jim wants to take up skydiving.

Season 4. Episode 24

When Cheryl's prim and proper bachelorette party disappoints Dana, Jim and Andy treat Dana to a rowdy night she'll never forget - but now will she make it to the wedding?

Season 4. Episode 23

Jim, certain he will win the annual hot dog eating contest, is humiliated when instead he loses to a petit woman (Suzy Nakamura), and his problems are further compounded when An...

Season 4. Episode 22

Jim and Cheryl adjust the clocks to get the kids to bed earlier so they can have more quality time together.

Season 4. Episode 21

Jim is shocked to learn that his recently deceased friend will be buried with a rare baseball card he stole from Jim.

Season 4. Episode 20

Jim's pride in Gracie's new-found spelling-bee aptitude quickly turns to dismay when he has to drive her to tournaments all over the state.

Season 4. Episode 19

In order to avoid going to an opera with Cheryl, Jim asks an elderly widower to be her escort.

Season 4. Episode 18

When Andy decides to learn how to dance for his sister's wedding, he turns to Jim, a closet dancer, for help.

Season 4. Episode 17

A hot delivery girl gives Jim some fashion advice, prompting him to grow a mustache, which Cheryl hates. Cheryl retaliates by becoming a brunette - but Jim loves it. After a cha...

Season 4. Episode 16

When Cheryl offers Dana the use of her wedding gown, Jim and Andy try to cover up the fact that the dress was destroyed in a fiery sports celebration years ago.

Season 4. Episode 15

Cheryl cooks dinner for Dana and her boyfriend and lets him believe that Dana actually did the cooking.

Season 4. Episode 14

Cheryl claims to like men who aren't afraid to cry, but when Jim bursts into tears after a movie, she is surprised to find herself turned off by his sensitivity.

Season 4. Episode 13

To make Cheryl feel desirable, Jim fakes a jealous rage in a restaurant and tries to teach Dana's date to do the same, but the lesson backfires when Dana fears her new beau is p...

Season 4. Episode 12

Jim buys a nanny-cam to spy on the sitter he didn't want Cheryl to hire but learns something about Cheryl instead, prompting her to buy a camera of her own.

Season 4. Episode 11

Jim befriends his obnoxious neighbors when he believes they bring good luck when he's watching the Chicago Bulls.

Season 4. Episode 10

Jim tangles with a department store Santa after the two are involved in a parking lot fender bender. Unfortunately, Jim's kids witness the skirmish and are fearful Santa won't l...

Season 4. Episode 9

Cheryl's gynecologist (played by Mitch Rouse) forbids her from having sex with Jim until the time is right to get pregnant, and Jim eats crow in order to win a huge account from...

Season 4. Episode 8

To prove his worth as a man, Jim -- along with Andy -- hunt a turkey for Thanksgiving, but on the hunt Jim is pursued -- and shot -- by a legendary 40- lb. psychotic bird christ...

Season 4. Episode 7

Cheryl's mother, Maggie, wants Jim, Cheryl and the family to rest someday in a family plot she reserved years ago, but Jim insists on his own family plot--then secretly reserves...

Season 4. Episode 6

Ruby hurts Jim's feelings when she invites Andy to a father-daughter dance instead of him.

Season 4. Episode 5

Kyle wants to be Cinderella for Halloween. Jim is against it because he thinks he's growing up to be a sissy. Jim buys Kyle a manly costume (a dinosaur) but Kyle changes back in...

Season 4. Episode 4

Cheryl and Dana are forced to smash their way out of a locked garage, because they ignored Jim's lesson on how to open the door from the inside.

Season 4. Episode 3

Jim offers to give Andy an old barbecue grill, then decides Andy should pay for it.

Season 4. Episode 2

Cheryl surprises Jim with a romantic evening, but it cuts into his planned TV boxing match.

Season 4. Episode 1

Cheryl wants Jim to give up his vices so he can get her pregnant.

Season 3. Episode 29

Jim chickens out of having a vasectomy, but Cheryl is so effusive in her praise that he's unable to admit he didn't go through with it

Season 3. Episode 28

Cheryl protests when a heat wave sends the family sneaking into a vacationing neighbor's pool -- until she starts sneaking over on her own.

Season 3. Episode 27

Jim develops a friendship with Dana's new boyfriend, despite the fact that the guy dumped Cheryl years ago.

Season 3. Episode 26

Thinking it might get Cheryl to let him go on a fishing trip with Andy, Jim makes a "deposit" in the "marriage bank" by agreeing to go to a couples seminar with her. Jim's plans...

Season 3. Episode 25

Pack rat Cheryl asks Jim to rent a storage unit to house seven years' worth of the kids' art projects, but Jim refuses to pay the fee, so he tosses everything out, thinking Cher...

Season 3. Episode 24

Cheryl promises to take Jim's opinions seriously when she decides to remodel the bathroom, until Jim insists it include a hideous high-tech stainless steel toilet â€â...

Season 3. Episode 23

Cheryl ask Jim to use his truck to transport a giant paper-mâché grizzly bear the girls made for "spirit week" to their school – except Jim just l...

Season 3. Episode 22

Andy resents a wealthy client, but then decides to date her.

Season 3. Episode 21

Jim's sister, Roxanne, shows up on his doorstep, pregnant, and lets Andy believe he's the father.

Season 3. Episode 20

Gracie's recent misbehavior makes Jim think she is lying about a friend giving her a new video game.

Season 3. Episode 19

Jim takes umbrage at being replaced as the father in a promotional shoot for a cruise line.

Season 3. Episode 18

Dana's first task at the ad agency is to cast the perfect TV family for a Disney cruise commercial. Cheryl and the kids get the job, but Dana's boss replaces Jim with a handsome...

Season 3. Episode 17

Cheryl tries to impress her boastful cousin Mindy by posing as the lead singer of Jim's band – even though she has a terrible voice. Jim agrees to perform at Mi...

Season 3. Episode 16

Cheryl forbids Jim from throwing his cop friend Danny a bachelor party with beer and strippers. She fears that Danny will show up at his own wedding with a hangover â€...

Season 3. Episode 15

Dana and Jim both covet their reverend - she for romance, he for the pastor's prowess at bowling.

Season 3. Episode 14

The Devlins place a bid on the house across the street from Jim and Cheryl, to their dismay.

Season 3. Episode 13

Dana admits to Cheryl that she can't afford to buy Jim a Christmas present, so Cheryl lets Dana put her name on one of the presents she bought for him. Dana innocently picks out...

Season 3. Episode 12

Cheryl caters to Jim's every whim to make amends for a big fight they had the night before-except Jim doesn't remember the fight at all.

Season 3. Episode 11

Cheryl starts to feel taken for granted as she prepares Thanksgiving dinner. She suffers the ultimate insult when she gets stuck on the roof after retrieving her tablecloth that...

Season 3. Episode 10

Cheryl cajoles Jim into attending a couples cooking class, which turns into a disaster, so she lets Jim pick out the next couples activity – paintball.

Season 3. Episode 9

Jim creates an imaginary friend to avoid going to a couple's baby shower with Cheryl.

Season 3. Episode 8

Gracie and Ruby have nightmares after Jim secretly takes them to see a scary movie. (ABC)

Season 3. Episode 7

It's Halloween and Cheryl is trying to host "the" party so she can own Halloween in the neighborhood. Dana brings in her newest date, Hank, who carries an awful lot of similarit...

Season 3. Episode 6

Trying to lighten Ruby's homework load – and therefore look like he's helping her – Jim tells Ruby's teacher that Cheryl can't read.

Season 3. Episode 5

Jim and Cheryl encourage the girls to make a lemonade stand and raise money for their scooters. What was supposed to be a lesson about the value of the dollar turns into a racy ...

Season 3. Episode 4

Cheryl says a friend of hers got jewelry for his wife for no reason and Jim says he's probably cheating on her. After Cheryl takes it offensively that Jim won't buy her jewelry ...

Season 3. Episode 3

Jim wrestles with his conscience after he cheats at a church fundraiser bingo game.

Season 3. Episode 2

Jim is horrified when he sees his son Kyle with a green Packers ball. He tries by all means to change it for a Bears one, but the kid just can't let go of the green ball. Jim ha...

Season 3. Episode 1

When Jim finds out that Cheryl has been paying 7 dollars to have the groceries delivered to their house, he insists that he does the shopping himself in order to save that incre...

Season 2. Episode 28

Andy is upset because no one approves or believes in his marriage to Roxanne. Jim goes to talk to her and walks in on her packing to run off with her ex boyfriend. He tries to s...

Season 2. Episode 27

Jim and Andy are going to Vegas on a business trip and ask Dana to join them, since they need an extra help and she happens to be their "rabbit's foot" on gambling. Cheryl decid...

Season 2. Episode 26

Cheryl is suspicious of her recently widowed mother's new fiance, but Jim and Andy think he's great.

Season 2. Episode 25

Dana gets attention from a single father she meets in the park by pretending to be Ruby's mother. Meanwhile, Cheryl requests that Jim exercise more often - as a special favor t...

Season 2. Episode 24

A trained bird flies into Andy's head in the backyard and Gracie adopts it as her bird pet, Daphne. The bird is driving everyone insane and they all can't wait to get rid of it,...

Season 2. Episode 23

Pretending to be a man for an online auction, Cheryl discovers that Jim is bidding on memorabilia instead of shopping for a new dryer, but Jim thinks he's found a kindred spirit.

Season 2. Episode 22

Cheryl makes friends with another mom from the girls soccer team. The woman is sweet, yet a bit obnoxious. Jim is annoyed by her presence, but Cheryl insists on him being nice t...

Season 2. Episode 21

Cheryl has to have dental surgery and asks Jim to stay besides her the whole time because she's scared of dentists. While Cheryl is sedated, Andy shows up saying he met blues le...

Season 2. Episode 20

When Jim vociferously objects to the way Dana gets treated by her boss, he succeeds in getting her fired. Meanwhile, Andy has problems with the plans for his birthday party.

Season 2. Episode 19

Cheryl's upset when a wealthy client, a former high school buddy of Jim's, makes a pass at her, but it's Jim's reaction that she's upset about.

Season 2. Episode 18

Cheryl is mugged at the mall parking lot, but instead of calling the police she chases the guy and tackles him to get her purse bag. When she tells Jim what happened, he decides...

Season 2. Episode 17

When Jim and Cheryl run into his old girlfriend, Jim worries that Cheryl may find out the truth about his past when she invites the woman to dinner.

Season 2. Episode 16

When Cheryl gets sick on the day of Ruby's birthday party, Jim is stuck trying to entertain a house full of little girls.

Season 2. Episode 15

Cheryl disapproves of Jim's latest idea, a flatulent doll named Gassy Gus, but he gets support from Andy, who builds the protoype, and Dana, who locates investors.

Season 2. Episode 14

Jim's old friend Danny visits him, and brings his partner in crime, Laraine, with him. Cheryl and Dana offer to help Laraine pick out a dress for the police ball, and after real...

Season 2. Episode 13

Jim's old friend Danny visits him, and brings his partner in crime, Laraine, with him. Cheryl and Dana offer to help Laraine pick out a dress for the police ball, and after real...

Season 2. Episode 12

Jim takes advantage of a billing error on his credit card by using the windfall to treat Cheryl to an expensive romantic weekend.

Season 2. Episode 11

Eddie, a country musician who's dating Dana, comes between Jim and his brother-in-law Andy. After hearing Jim and Andy's band practice, Eddie invites them to perform with him at...

Season 2. Episode 10

Jim's feud with a neighbor may also prompt one with Cheryl, who preaches peace so they'll be invited to the neighbors' Christmas party.

Season 2. Episode 9

Cheryl is thrilled when she is offered to be in charge of the set of the girls's Thanksgiving school play. She asks Jim to help her, and he's complaining they don't spend any ti...

Season 2. Episode 8

Cheryl drags Jim down to the church for the new reverend's mess, which is supposed to be "the next best thing". Jim sees some familiarity on him, and remembers he was the kid he...

Season 2. Episode 7

Dana gets selected to be on the reality show . At first she's sure her personality alone will be enough to entertain the guy, but Jim gives her advice on how to behave and what ...

Season 2. Episode 6

Jim is taking the girls to their first Bears football game, and Cheryl asks him to be a good role model and try his best not to swear in front of them. At the game, Jim picks a ...

Season 2. Episode 5

Jim asks Cheryl not to intrude his space in the bathroom sink and in their closet, claiming she takes up too much space, and worse, HIS space. Cheryl tries to do something about...

Season 2. Episode 4

Jim's pizza delivery boy moves in with him and Cheryl after the boy's father kicks him out of the house because of his dream of doing standup comedy.

Season 2. Episode 3

Cheryl wants to be friends with the new couple who just moved into the neighborhood. She has to be fast and do it before they talk to anyone else and get scared of them. After l...

Season 2. Episode 2

Dana needs to buy a new car and Cheryl offers to go with her, but Jim says chicks are no good buying car by themselves, because they'll get distracted with other less important ...

Season 2. Episode 1

Jim buys a digital camera from one of Dana's ex-boyfriends, and it comes with stored pictures of the woman he dumped Dana for. Cheryl thinks it will make Dana feel better if she...

Season 1. Episode 22

Jim plans a surprise party for Cheryl's birthday, but gets angry and cancels it when Dana spills the beans. To make it up to him, Cheryl plans a party for him... but he's too bu...

Season 1. Episode 21

Jim agrees to take the girls for the day while Cheryl and Dana go to a doctor's appointment. At the park, Jim leaves the girls with another mom and goes to the movies... where h...

Season 1. Episode 20

Jim has a run-in with an old friend from his wild and crazy days who is now a cop. Jim sets out to prove he's not an 'old married guy' by staying out all night and partying. Unf...

Season 1. Episode 19

When the new DVD player breaks, Jim must find the receipt in order to exchange it. He can't find it anywhere and blames Cheryl of losing it. She says he was the one who lost it,...

Season 1. Episode 18

It's Kyle and Andy's birthday, and Andy is feeling a little left out of his own special day. They decide to take him to a restaurant that serves a 4,5 lbs steak, and Jim offers ...

Season 1. Episode 17

While out for dinner and a movie, Jim loses a parking spot, and later loses Cheryl when he can't let go of it.

Season 1. Episode 16

After Jim is diagnosed with high blood pressure, Cheryl decides to do everything to help him. She makes him special food, give him backrubs, and keeps asking about his day in or...

Season 1. Episode 15

When Cheryl reminds Jim that she beat him at racquetball years ago, he claims he was only letting her win to gain her affections, so Cheryl challenges him to a no-holds-barred r...

Season 1. Episode 14

When Cheryl has a revealing photo of herself taken as a Valentine gift to Jim, he proudly shows it to all his friends.

Season 1. Episode 13

Cheryl decides to go behind Jim's back and loan Andy $1,000 for a downpayment on a new condo.

Season 1. Episode 12

Jim and Cheryl agree to let Ruby model for a print ad as a one-time thing, but when the photographer calls her a natural, Jim gets Ruby an agent.

Season 1. Episode 11

Cheryl leaves Jim in charge of their kids and some other kids who were there to play with the girls during a Bears game. The next day, one of the kids mom calls Cheryl saying he...

Season 1. Episode 10

Cheryl's mother is coming to visit them for Christmas and wants to stay at their house. Jim and Cheryl, however, prefer that she stayed at a hotel but don't know how to bring it...

Season 1. Episode 9

Andy has a new girlfriend, and Cheryl wants Jim to treat her nicely because not only is she Andy's first girlfriend sine Carrie, but also Ruby's piano teacher. During dinner, Al...

Season 1. Episode 8

It's Thanksgiving and Jim and Andy are going bowling. Cheryl doesn't like the idea very much, so she sends the girls with him. Jim has a perfect game, but just when he was about...

Season 1. Episode 7

Jim and Cheryl find themselves wondering if they've set too many rules for their household when they find themselves arguing over whether to put a TV in the girls' room, making ...

Season 1. Episode 6

Jim sets Dana up with a guy so perfect that even Cheryl falls for him.

Season 1. Episode 5

It's Halloween, and Cheryl has forbidden Gracie to go trick-or-treating. However, not wanting his daughter to miss out on the fun of the halloween spirit, he sneaks her out anyw...

Season 1. Episode 4

On Jim and Cheryl's 10th , Jim pays Dana to buy him an anniversary gift to give to Cheryl. However, Dana buys a beautiful and touching charm bracelet, going over the spending li...

Season 1. Episode 3

Cheryl's 15 year-old cat Mr. Feeney dies and she wants Jim to bury it on the backyard, but Jim desperately wants to go to the Bears game. He sticks the cat in the garage freezer...

Season 1. Episode 2

Jim and Cheryl find their romantic getaway to the Bahamas set to work out perfectly, with Dana babysitting the kids. However, at the last minute, Dana is not able to babysit. In...

Season 1. Episode 1

Jim and Cheryl are the perfect middle class American couple. Happily married, living in a suburban house with two adorable (but loud) little girls and a baby boy, they really ca...