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2 Broke Girls

Two young women waitressing at a greasy spoon diner strike up an unlikely friendship in the hopes of launching a successful business - if only they can raise the cash. - 2 Broke Girls Streaming

Year started: 2011
Stars: Kat Dennings  Beth Behrs  Garrett Morris 
Creators: Whitney Cummings  Michael Patrick King 
IMDB rating: 7
Categories: 0to9

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Episode list

Season 4. Episode 9

Caroline is shocked by an expensive gift from her father; Oleg works on a big plan for Sophie.

Season 4. Episode 8

No description

Season 4. Episode 7

Max and Caroline obtain a bank loan to mass-produce their cupcake T-shirts so they can sell them at high-end boutiques. Meanwhile, the diner gang poses in Chestnut's barn for a ...

Season 4. Episode 6

Supermodels Lily Aldridge and Martha Hunt rent Max and Caroline's apartment for a fun girls' weekend.

Season 4. Episode 5

Max and Caroline's friendship is severely tested when Caroline drags Max to a motivational business seminar to help brand their cupcake business.

Season 4. Episode 4

Caroline takes an abandoned bicycle to start a delivery service for their cupcake business but soon discovers that Max doesn't know how to ride one.

Season 4. Episode 3

Caroline accidentally loses one of Han's expensive fish while cleaning the tank, so Max considers selling a sentimental gift from her mother in order to replace the fish.

Season 4. Episode 2

No description

Season 4. Episode 1

A reality show producer approaches Max and Caroline about shooting an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians at their cupcake window.

Season 3. Episode 24

Season 3 ends with Caroline helping Max earn her high-school diploma and reconnect with her estranged mother.

Season 3. Episode 23

Caroline's love for horse racing gets out of hand when she and Max go to a racetrack as guests of Sophie's new bookie boyfriend.

Season 3. Episode 22

Max and Caroline are forced to find the original tenant of their apartment when the lease expires and convince him to re-sign or else they will face eviction.

Season 3. Episode 21

A bride (Lindsay Lohan) who has a hard time making decisions asks Max and Caroline to make her wedding cake.

Season 3. Episode 20

Max and Caroline join Deke and his parents for dinner, but Max gets tongue-tied until Deke's mother confides in Max about her secret past.

Season 3. Episode 19

Caroline goes out with Max and the diner gang who want to get wild and crazy at the St. Patrick's Day parade.

Season 3. Episode 18

Caroline goes into a tailspin and drags Max with her when Nicolas tells her that he is going to leave his wife for her.

Season 3. Episode 17

Caroline asks Max and Deke to join her on her dinner date at Nicholas' loft to make sure she doesn't do anything she might regret. Caroline and Max also treat themselves to very...

Season 3. Episode 16

Max decides to break up with Deke now that she knows about his wealthy background

Season 3. Episode 15

Deke invites Max's friends to a gathering at his dumpster; Caroline learns a secret about Deke's background.

Season 3. Episode 14

Deke's place isn't what Max expected; Caroline feel empowered when she has a shady car towed -- and then fears for her life.

Season 3. Episode 13

Max develops feelings for her pastry school partner; Caroline is still into chef Nicholas, despite his marriage.

Season 3. Episode 12

After a great make-out session with Max's teacher, Caroline learns a secret about him that she wishes she'd known beforehand.

Season 3. Episode 11

Caroline learns that her childhood nanny passed away and brings Max with her to attend the funeral. But once there she discovers that the woman never spoke of Caroline to her ow...

Season 3. Episode 10

Max tries to make a good impression on her first day at pastry school, but the class clown distracts her. Meanwhile, Caroline dresses to impress Max's handsome teacher.

Season 3. Episode 9

Max applies to the Manhattan School of Pastry and bakes a tart for her entrance exam.

Season 3. Episode 8

Caroline's date is a no-show after promising to take her to one of the city's hippest new restaurants, so she and Max decide to take advantage of the hard-to-get reservation.

Season 3. Episode 7

Han asks Max and Caroline to convince a stripper to pretend to be his girlfriend when his mother visits from Korea.

Season 3. Episode 6

Caroline buys Max a new bedding set and gives away the old sheets to charity without realizing they had sentimental value to her.

Season 3. Episode 5

Max and Caroline lose business to the new cronut trend (half croissant, half donut), so they come up with their own trend---cake fries.

Season 3. Episode 4

Caroline and Max take side jobs as baristas in order to learn how to use the cappuccino maker they bought for their cupcake business.

Season 3. Episode 3

When Max falls for a stray cat that's been hanging around the apartment, Caroline tries to talk her out of keeping it.

Season 3. Episode 2

Caroline tries to raise money for a pricey pair of pants through a fundraising website; a smartphone comes between Max and Caroline.

Season 3. Episode 1

Season 3 begins with business booming at Max and Caroline's new cupcake walk-up window after word spreads about a shocking incident involving a rock star.

Season 2. Episode 24

The second season ends with Max and Caroline offering to deep-clean a previously hidden part of the diner and discovering something that could revive their cupcake business.

Season 2. Episode 23

Caroline is asked by her father to go on a talk show to defend him when a former disgruntled employee threatens to defame him in a tell-all book.

Season 2. Episode 22

A popular TV show shoots a scene at the diner, and the director offers Caroline a role. Unfortunately, it comes with strings attached.

Season 2. Episode 21

Caroline is in a tizzy when she develops a rash after a romantic evening with her former boyfriend.

Season 2. Episode 20

Han fires Caroline when she insults his diner, so Max tries to mend their relationship.

Season 2. Episode 19

When the ladies take office temp jobs, Caroline tries to climb the corporate ladder and Max is hit on by the boss.

Season 2. Episode 18

Max and Caroline ask Caroline's rich but callous aunt for money to save their flailing cupcake shop.

Season 2. Episode 17

Max and Caroline attempt to remove a street performer away from the entrance to their cupcake shop, but things don't go quite as planned.

Season 2. Episode 16

Max and Caroline meet rapper 2 Chainz when they fly on a private jet with him to a music awards show in Los Angeles.

Season 2. Episode 15

Caroline visits a psychic to gain insight into her future love life.

Season 2. Episode 14

There's no sugarcoating it, an overwhelmed Max and Caroline need help meeting a monster cupcake order, so the diner staff pulls an all-nighter to get the job done.

Season 2. Episode 13

Max, Caroline and Andy spend a disastrous weekend together at a cabin in the woods.

Season 2. Episode 12

Max and Caroline become involved with some sketchy people in order to pay their overdue rent.

Season 2. Episode 11

Max offers to make Sophie a silent partner in the cupcake shop, but Sophie and Caroline have very different visions for the company.

Season 2. Episode 10

Max and Caroline host a grand-opening celebration at their cupcake shop, and Max invites her former flames so she can show off her success.

Season 2. Episode 9

Max and Caroline hire an intern to help get their cupcake shop ready to open, but Max experiences trouble in her new managerial role.

Season 2. Episode 8

Max and Caroline cook up a surprising fundraising solution when a potential storefront for Max’s Homemade Cupcakes becomes available for rent

Season 2. Episode 7

Max and Caroline enlist two Amish boys who are exploring the modern world to build a barn for Chestnut. Meanwhile, Candy Andy discovers Caroline’s ex-billionaire identity,

Season 2. Episode 6

A handsome owner of a candy store is sweet on Caroline, but she's too embarrassed to see him after a humiliating experience in his store.

Season 2. Episode 5

Max and Caroline get a credit card and then disagree over what to charge on it. Meanwhile, Earl's estranged son comes to New York in hopes of becoming a stand-up comedian.

Season 2. Episode 4

Max and Caroline audition to be contestants on "Cupcake Wars."

Season 2. Episode 3

When the diner is robbed, everyone sees a surprising new side of Han.

Season 2. Episode 2

Max and Caroline eagerly await a phone call from Martha Stewart after the domestic maven likes one of their cupcakes. Meanwhile, Caroline loses a lucky keepsake.

Season 2. Episode 1

The second season begins with the girls visiting Caroline's father in prison. He encourages them to attend the Channing family's estate auction and to buy a particular keepsake.

Season 1. Episode 24

Conclusion. The first season ends with Max and Caroline attending a fashion gala at a museum where Martha Stewart is a guest in an attempt to get the culinary expert to taste th...

Season 1. Episode 23

Part 1 of 2. The first season concludes with Max and Caroline attending a fashion gala at a museum where Martha Stewart is a guest in an attempt to get the culinary expert to ta...

Season 1. Episode 22

Max and Caroline are hired by a Manhattan socialite to make cupcakes for her daughter's first birthday party.

Season 1. Episode 21

Caroline helps Max complete her first tax return, but in doing so she forgets to mail Earl's return.

Season 1. Episode 20

Max and Caroline participate in a clinical drug trial to raise money to help Caroline's father.

Season 1. Episode 19

Max and Caroline enjoy a spring getaway when they take care of a dog at a couple's ritzy apartment.

Season 1. Episode 18

Caroline takes Max with her to visit her father in prison.

Season 1. Episode 17

Max and Caroline serve not-quite-kosher cupcakes at a Bar Mitzvah.

Season 1. Episode 16

Max and Caroline spend Valentine's Day at the hospital with Earl.

Season 1. Episode 15

Max and Caroline try to get their neighbor to hire them as maids for her cleaning business

Season 1. Episode 14

Max and Caroline start off on the wrong foot with their new upstairs neighbor.

Season 1. Episode 13

Caroline becomes obsessed with collecting coupons and discovers the secret ingredient to Max's cupcakes

Season 1. Episode 12

Caroline holds a jewelry sale in the restaurant so she and Max can earn enough money to buy a new oven.

Season 1. Episode 11

Max and Caroline try to find their horse Chestnut a job so he will have lodging for the winter. Meanwhile, Peach auditions for "Real Wives of TriBeCa.

Season 1. Episode 10

Max and Caroline work as elves at a department store's Santa Land to earn extra money.

Season 1. Episode 9

Max and Caroline are hired by Johnny's jealous girlfriend to make cupcakes for an art show featuring his work, but she has an ulterior motive in mind

Season 1. Episode 8

Max and Caroline take an apartment-cleaning job to make extra cash, not realizing it's the apartment of a hoarder; and Max learns that Johnny is keeping a secret from her.

Season 1. Episode 7

Caroline and Max take a cake-decorating class to master the art of making cupcakes for their business.

Season 1. Episode 6

Caroline and Max try to install a Murphy bed in their apartment.

Season 1. Episode 5

Max and Caroline throw a '90s-themed party at the diner to raise money for their cupcake business, but Caroline is horrified when her rich ex-boyfriend attends the party.

Season 1. Episode 4

Max gets a glimpse of Caroline's once ritzy life when they break into Caroline's former townhouse to retrieve her much-needed night guard.

Season 1. Episode 3

Max takes Caroline thrift-store shopping, but things turn ugly when a battle erupts over a coveted T-shirt.

Season 1. Episode 2

Caroline thinks she’s doing Max a favor when she takes it upon herself to facilitate her break-up with boyfriend Robbie.

Season 1. Episode 1

Hard-working waitress Max meets Caroline, the new waitress left with nothing after her father's crimes and rich family's demise. Max soon finds herself helping out Caroline and ...